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QiOne® 2 Pro: Unlock Your Ultimate Performance. Feel the transformative power of coherent water enhancing your mental clarity and physical vitality.
  • Personal Growth
  • EMF & 5G Protection
  • Enhanced Connection To The Quantum Field

  • Effect Confirmed In Cell Studies
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Even More POWER. Even More FOCUS. And More COHERENCE.

The ultimate cellular protection thanks to our second generation chip and eight-fold strength. For those who want to take the next step.

Due To Our Newest Type Of Chip Design, QiOne® 2 Pro Is Now 8x Stronger!

Better intuition, increased body-mind communication, and an intense connection to the quantum field.

More Than 10,000 Happy Users

The Powerful GitterChip™ 2.0

Optimized neural signals for your body

Discover Next-Level Harmony with QiOne®️ 2 Pro 

Step into a realm of unparalleled equilibrium and protection with the QiOne®️ 2 Pro— This advanced device is engineered to significantly amplify the coherent structure of water within your environment, offering a suite of transformative benefits for personal well-being and space harmonization: 

1. Peak Performance Enhancement:
Foster an environment where your mental and physical capacities are elevated to their highest potential, thanks to optimized coherent water frequencies.

2. E-Smog Shield:
Fortify your personal space against the pervasive effects of electronic smog with QiOne®️ 2 Pro’s enhanced coherent water barrier, offering a sanctuary of wellbeing.

3. Cellular Fortification:
Create a resilient barrier against microbial threats. The QiOne®️ 2 Pro’s influence on water coherence means viruses and bacteria face a tougher challenge penetrating your personal space. Embrace the future of personal wellness and environmental harmony with QiOne®️ 2 Pro, where cutting-edge technology meets natural equilibrium.

Optimized Neural Signals In Your Body

Thanks to a new type of GitterChip™ design your QiOne® 2 Pro is now 8x stronger!
Better intuition, increased body-mind communication, and intense connection to the quantum field.

Become Part Of The Revolution!

Portable high-tech with measurable effects on a cellular level
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Tested And Confirmed In Scientific Studies

Study On Immune Cells

Study On Intestinal Cells

Study On Oxidative Stress

Study on User Observations

Scientifically tested and confirmed in international specialist publications.

Original Microscope Recordings: 

Effect Of Gitterchip™ On Intestinal Cells

Microscopic Captures From The Cell Study Publication

Top Video - Without Protection: Decreasing Cell Regeneration.

Bottom Video - With QiOne® 2 Pro: normal Cell Regeneration.

Hand Crafted Technology. Made In Germany.

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    Each QiOne® 2 Pro comes with its own unique Serial Number
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    We only source from RJC-certified highest standard gold.
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    High-precision engineering and production Made exclusively in Germany
  • Highest Quality Materials

    Only the best quality materials go into our products.
The fourth state of Water

Coherent Water

99% of your body is made up of water.
The revolutionary GitterChip™ of the QiOne®​ 2 Pro creates a static field that stimulates water molecules in your body to enter a coherent state – the super state.

Part 2: Interview With The Founders

Let Your QiOne® 2 Pro Create Coherent Water For You!

QiOne® 2 Pro enables you to reach peak mental and physical performance. Experience the benefits of coherent water in your body.   
  • 100% Made In Germany
  • Highest Body Performance
  • Free Worldwide Shipping

The Complete Qi Blanco® Lineup

The Complete Qi Blanco® Lineup

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QiOne 2 Pro

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E-Smog & 5G Protection
Cell Regeneration
Resilience For Everyday Living

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E-Smog & 5G Protection
Cell Regeneration
More Power - More Focus

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The Most Powerful Protection For Your Home
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the QiOne® 2 Pro work? 

The QiOne® 2 Pro is like a booster for your soul and well-being. It is not an electronic device! The golden “heart” of the QiOne® 2 Pro is it's specially developed grid chip. And now we get scientific: It’s specific atomic positioning of gold atoms creates a static field that promotes the conversion of water molecule into the so-called coherent state (or super state – the 4th state of water). The water molecules arrange in a liquid crystalline structure. It is self-reproducing and expands to neighboring water molecules. Did you know that water molecules comprise a significant portion of your body's composition? So, the greater the presence of coherent water, the more potential benefits may arise, including enhancements in various processes, potential support for cellular functions, and the possibility of fostering resilience against external influences - like EMF and other intruders. 

For more information on coherent water click here. 

Can coherent water structure be measured?

The short answer is yes! There are several methods to measure the formation of coherent water. One of the easiest ways is through microscopic observation, particularly on hydrophobic surfaces.

Does Qi Blanco® offer a special device for smartphones?

No. There are many products out there that claim to harmonize, shield, reduce, block, deflect, or neutralize EMFs. These products typically aim to "prevent" EMFs from reaching you. Our approach is distinct; our products offer protection at a cellular level, ensuring that once you wear your QiOne® 2 Pro, there's no necessity for additional EMF protection devices.

Can I return your products?

We are so confident that you will like your QiOne® 2 Pro that we offer a "no questions asked" return policy on all of our products for 14 days. Should you contact us on day 15, our lovely customer support staff will still likely be able to assist you. Please contact us by email before returning a product. You will receive the address and an insured return label from us so you can safely return the product. We are not liable until the goods have been received by us. Once we receive the returned product, your refund will be issued.

Can I use the sauna with the QiOne® 2 Pro? Can it get wet?

We want your QiOne® 2 Pro to be your daily companion wherever you go, whatever you do. The QiOne® 2 Pro is made of very durable surgical grade steel and is resistant to chlorine and sea water, sweat, sunlight and heat. Avoid long, blazing midday sun, sauna, long exposure to sea– and chlorinated water, and your QiOne® 2 Pro is guaranteed to last.

Can I wear the QiOne® 2 Pro on a different chain?

Yes. If for whatever reason the included cotton ribbon chain does not work for you, you can purchase a stainless steel chain from Qi Blanco® in 5 different sizes. You can find the Necklace for QiOne® here.

How should I wear the QiOne® 2 Pro?

Whatever is most comfortable to you. Most users wear it around their neck. Direct skin contact provides the best results, but it can also be worn over clothing or carried in your pocket. Just make sure not to lose it.

Does the effect diminish at some point or does the feeling change over time?

No. Your QiOne® 2 Pro always works. Some people feel a change right away. Reported sensations include tingling in the arms and legs, chills, or hot flashes. The perceived level of intensity is different from person to person and often diminishes over time (not the effect though). This is good news because it means you're becoming accustomed to the formation of coherent water, often referred to as "habituation."

While some people feel something right away, others do not notice any change when putting on the QiOne® 2 Pro. Some report changes days or weeks later, and others only feel a change when they remove the QiOne® 2 Pro for a period of time. With over 9,000 users and a knowledge base of user feedback, reviews, and reactions, we have seen a positive correlation between mindfulness and perceived changes from wearing the QiOne® 2 Pro. Users with a heightened sense of awareness, who have a selective diet, meditate frequently, or follow a certain spiritual routine, are usually more likely to experience positive changes.

Does the QiOne® 2 Pro also have an influence on the water that I am drinking?

Yes, the water you drink is directly encouraged to form coherent structures - if it doesn't already have them. This is because the coherent effect is "self-replicating."

Where did the idea for Qi Blanco® come from?

Most success stories start with a rough experience or pain point. Qi Blanco’s® founder Christian, who is a studied engineer, like many of us, had been exposed in his early career to radiation in a typical office environment, full of electronic devices, such as computers, printers, cell phones, desk phones, TVs, monitors, routers, servers, etc. He realized soon that the constant exposure to EMFs (Electric and Magnetic Fields) had an impact on his wellbeing. He felt tired and fatigue, lacked energy, and had difficulties concentrating. As soon as he moved desks around the office to limit EMF exposure, he would immediately feel better. He decided quickly that he had to do something about this and researched methods to cope with EMFs and other intrusions. He learned about the fascinating field of study of coherent water and how it develops. The idea of Qi Blanco® was born.

When will I receive my order? 

We understand that you are eager to receive your new QiOne® 2 Pro and we promise to do everything to get it to you as soon as possible. The QiOne® 2 Pro is manufactured in our facility in Munich, Germany from where it will ship. Once the order is placed and payment received, we will prepare your order for shipment within 2-5 days. Once the order has shipped you will receive an email from our Qi Blanco® Customer Service Team to confirm your package has shipped and to provide you with your tracking number, so you can always check the progress of your shipment. Keep in mind that since your QiOne® 2 Pro ships from Germany it has to clear US customs. This usually takes less than a week but can in certain instances take up to 4 weeks. This unfortunately, is out of our control, but we will do everything on our end to prepare the shipment for “smooth sailing”. To give you further piece of mind and to be on the safe side, each shipment is fully insured by Qi Blanco®.