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QiOne® 2 Pro helps you reach peak mental and physical performance. Experience the benefits of coherent water as it flows through your body.
  • Personal Growth
  • EMF & 5G Protection
  • Enhanced Connection to the Quantum Field

  • Effect Confirmed In Cell Studies
Connect your 100 000 000 000 000 cells now

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Even more POWER. Even more FOCUS. And more COHERENCE.

The ultimate cellular protection thanks to our second generation chip and eight-fold strength. For those who want to take the next step.

Thanks to our newest type of chip design, QiOne® is now 8x stronger!

Better intuition, increased body-mind communication, and an intense connection to the quantum field.

Holistic health coach Joshua from NYC talks about his experience with the QiOne® 2 Pro

Joshua J. Holland exudes a wealth of experiential knowledge and wisdom as a dedicated biohacker, state-of-the-art fitness trainer, holistic health coach and sports professional. Living by the philosophy of “awareness through experience,” he has spent years consulting with elite professionals–with the goal to build a vast well, which he draws from, when evoking alignment of body, mind and spirit for his clients.

As a co-founder of several fitness and health entities and a Global Ambassador for myriad companies including Technogym, Josh currently leads a team of elite trainers and health coaches at SystimFit in Flatiron, NYC.


His ideological approach to life and his life’s work is based on principles that highlight effectiveness, efficiency, and quantifiability. His passion stems from kindling a state of bodily wholeness via connection through his extensive network of like-minded individuals.

Want to know more about the QiOne® 2 Pro?

Dive deep into this interview with natural biohacker Joshua Holland and Qi Blanco founder Christian Bernd Bauer

More than 8,000 happy users

Take the next step to unlock your full potential

WITH THE QiOne® 2 Pro
QiOne® significantly increases the coherent structure of water in your body. Results can be seen from the increased surface tension of the water. Your body consists of 99% water molecules. By increasing the proportion of coherent water in your body, you can maximize the following benefits:

1. Increased body activity
Brain frequencies can spread optimally in coherent water

2. EMF Protection
13% of the electrons in coherent water are released as an independent electron shell

3. Active cell protection
Coherent water keeps unwanted things like radiation, pesticides and toxins from entering the cell

WITH THE QiOne® 2 Pro

Optimized Neural Signals in Your Body

Thanks to a new type of GitterChip™ design your QiOne® is now 8x stronger!
Better intuition, increased body-mind communication, and intense connection to the quantum field.

Become part of the revolution!

Portable high-tech with measurable effects on a cellular level
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Highest Quality Materials
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Tested and Confirmed in Scientific Studies

Tested and Confirmed in Scientific Studies

The Qi Blanco® System have been tested in large studies and their effects on the autonomic nervous system, on human immune cells and intestinal cells have been officially confirmed.

Original Microscope Recordings: Effect of Gitterchip™ on Intestinal Cells

Hand Crafted Technology. Made in Germany.

  • Unique Serial Number

    Each QiOne® comes with its own unique Serial Number
  • Ethically Sourced Gold

    We only source from RJC-certified highest standard gold.
  • 100% Developed & Assembled in Bavaria

    High-precision engineering and production Made exclusively in Germany
  • Highest Quality Materials

    Only the best quality materials go into our products.
The fourth state of Water

Coherent Water

99% of your body is made up of water.
The revolutionary GitterChip™ of the QiOne®​ creates a static field that stimulates water molecules in your body to enter a coherent state – the super state.

Part 2: Interview With The Founders

The Powerful GitterChip™ 2.0

Optimized neural signals for your body

28,28 mm³ performance volume


The new manufacturing process ensures a lifetime of benefits. QiOne® 2 Pro is not just for you, but something the whole family can benefit from!

Wear it everywhere

You can take it with you everywhere, including the swimming pool or sauna since it is resistant to heat and chlorine. Wear it at the gym with no impact from sweat. Leave it in the sun without worry. It's the ideal companion for every situation.

Ideal price-performance ratio

Compared to its predecessor, the QiOne® 2 Pro is the ideal investment with 8x performance volume at only double the price.

More power for your future!

Let your QiOne® 2 Pro create coherent water for you!

QiOne® enables you to reach peak mental and physical performance.
Experience the benefits of coherent water in your body.   
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Highest Body Performance
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
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