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The soul doctors: The soul doctors:
'Careful – the QiOne® is irresistible, once you wear it, you can’t live without it!'

Earlier this year, I started to notice a slick steel and gold pendant named QiOne ®️ hanging around the necks of some athletes, digital nomads, and biohackers. I was told it supposedly helped them against radiations and much more but to be honest I simply assumed it to be yet another gadget.

This invention is different.

Unlike most products that claim to stop radiations, this technology is about helping the body to thrive in their presence.Let’s face it, we can’t really stop radiations. So could there be a way to make our bodies strong enough to deal with them? This is the idea behind the QiOne ®️ device…

Just as with everything, it’s the inner changes that are the most powerful and impactful ultimately. so I believe.​

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When Christian Bauer (Founder of Qi Blanco®) and Joshua Holland (Natural Biohacker) sat down to talk about Qi Blanco®, they came up with this wonderful piece that is certainly going to help you understand the unique inner workings behind the QiOne® 2 Pro.

Listen to this illuminating podcast to learn how the technology does not work for you but with you.

As Christian beautifully said: it starts where it is needed most in the body.

What exactly does that mean? Well, take a listen. It’s worth your time. 😉

EXPERTS' OPINION: Dr. matthias cebula

  • Dipl. Nutrition Pedagogue
  • Alternative Practitioners
  • Dr. Klinghardt Therapeutic

    It feels like every week someone sends me a different product to test. Cell phone chips, magnets, Anti-E-Smog and information systems: everyone talks about protection and healing.

    The QiOne® has been in a different league from the beginning – it strengthens me and my body. I immediately felt a clear change. In stressful phases I feel the relief, in calm phases the regeneration. That impressed me.

    Even after one year I do not even take the QiOne® off for a shower. With these abilities the QiOne® has become a valuable companion for me.

"It feels great!. I can feel that my energy field is much thicker around my body. It feels like a fluid flow has added to my life, and I feel very grateful for that."
Misha Baumann | The SOulDoctors
"It's been a huge shift in my life. It feels like it's doing something to my body that's making me feel more resilient."

max Sanderson | Actuate Impact
"The QiOne® clears my head so I can make better decisions. I feel calmer in stressful situations and just have more energy throughout the day."
Mark Henninger | Black Sheep Athletics