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Experience The Benefits Of Coherent Water At A Cellular Level 

  • Personal Growth
  • EMF & 5G Protection
  • Enhanced Connection To The Quantum Field
  • Effect Confirmed In Cell Studies

Biol. HRV Age (short-term HRV): 56 years

Biol. HRV Age (short-term HRV): 61 years

Biol. HRV Age (short-term HRV): 47 years

More Than 9,000 Happy Users

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Optimized Neural Signals In Your Body

Thanks to a new type of GitterChip™ design your QiOne® 2 Pro is now 8x stronger!
Better intuition, increased body-mind communication, and intense connection to the quantum field.

Tested And Confirmed In Scientific Studies

Study On Immune Cells

Study On Intestinal Cells

Study On Oxidative Stress

Original Microscope Recordings: 

Effect Of Gitterchip™ On Intestinal Cells

Microscopic Captures From The Cell Study Publication

Top Video - Without Protection: Decreasing Cell Regeneration.

Bottom Video - With QiOne® 2 Pro: normal Cell Regeneration.

Transform Your Life: Scott Schwenk's Experience With Qi Blanco®

The QiOne® 2 Pro

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The QiHome®

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Let Your QiOne® 2 Pro Create Coherent Water For You!

The QiOne® 2 Pro enables you to reach peak mental and physical performance. Experience the benefits of coherent water in your body.   
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Dipl. – Ing. (FH) Christian Bernd Bauer

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  • Rid Your Body Of Environmental Toxins

  • Become Mentally Strong

  • Protect Yourself From EMF And 5G

The Complete Qi Blanco® Lineup

The Complete Qi Blanco® Lineup

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QiOne 2 Pro

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E-Smog & 5G Protection
Cell Regeneration
Resilience For Everyday Living

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E-Smog & 5G Protection
Cell Regeneration
More Power - More Focus

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