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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the QiOne® work?
The QiOne® does not contain any electronic components, and  it's specially developed grid chip is integral to its function. Water molecules are shaped by the static field created by QiOne® and is largely achieved by the specific atomic positioning of gold atoms. This increases the probability that water will build up hydrogen bonds. This state is called coherent water structure and is also known as EZ water (extended zone) or CD water (coherent domain).

The coherent state of water is self-replicating and is distributed evenly throughout the body via the bloodstream.

More information:

 “When water comes into contact with the hydrophobic surface, a so-called zeta potential is created. In the case of water, special crystalline structures are formed (coherent water). These are caused in the first approximation by bio-macromolecular surfaces and their radiating electromagnetic fields. These then result in extended networks for electrons and enable a special proton conductivity."

Citation: Bionisches Wasser, Prof. Dr. Warnke, 2019
Can coherent water structure be measured in the body?

The coherent part of the body can be measured by blood. Coherent water absorbs more light at 270nm. The higher the absorption rate of blood at 270nm, the higher the proportion of coherent water structure in the blood.

Additionally, contents can be measured via a HRV or ECG device. The higher the proportion of coherent water in the body, the more blood is pumped through the veins and arteries per second when blood pressure is reduced. A result, for example, can be a very low resting pulse rate and a rapid leveling off to the resting pulse rate after periods of stress.
Does Qi Blanco® offer a special device for smartphones?

Our products take care of the whole body, adapt to different situations, and have a very long life.

Mobile phone chips “neutralize” only the radiation of the device on which it is attached, in best-case scenarios.
With a cell phone chip, you are still exposed to the radiation of other mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers.

Some mobile phone chips are made of plastic and magnetic powder and are aligned by magnets. This is how the information is imprinted, which should help against e-smog.

Plastic: when it ages due to exposure to sunlight, water, chemicals, etc., it becomes brittle. This can also damage the information stored on the plastic chip
Magnetic powder: surrounding magnetic fields can overwrite the original promoting information on the chip. Similar to a video cassette, the original information can be altered.
Can I return your products?

You can return any of our products within 14 days as per our return policy.

Please contact us by email before returning a product. You will receive the address and an insured return label from us so you can return the product safely. We are not liable until the goods have been received by us. Once we receive the returned product, your refund will be issued.
Can I use the sauna with the QiOne®? Can it get wet?
The technology is resistant to water. Treat your QiOne® like your smartphone. Avoid long, blazing midday sun, sauna, sea – and chlorinated water, and you are guaranteed to have fun with your QiOne® for a long time.

For sun lovers, sauna-goers, swimmers and athletes: the QiOne® 2 Pro is more robust than the QiOne®.
It is resistant to chlorine and sea water, sweat, sunlight & heat.
Can I wear the QiOne® on a different chain?

The included cotton ribbon is a gift for you to wear. You are welcome to replace it with your favourite necklace.
The hole in the QiOne® is 2.5 mm in diameter.

Please note that chains of stainless metal can scratch the QiOne®.

We also offer a stainless steel chain for the QiOne®. It is the perfect complement for your pendant.
Here’s the link to get to the chain: QiOne® Necklace
How should I wear the QiOne®?
The QiOne® can be worn anywhere on the body. More benefits are felt from skin contact.

A 2.5 mm hole is provided for easy use, so you can wear it around your neck with a chain or the included strap.

It's also possible to carry it in your pocket or close to your body.

Some customers say that the QiOne® is too intense in the beginning. In this case, simply carry the QiOne® over your clothes (e.g. with a longer chain) or wrap it in a cloth and carry it in your pants pocket.
Does the effect diminish at some point or does the feeling change over time?
The QiOne® always works.

The perception can change over time. Many people do not feel it so intensly after a few days. This is where the “habituation effect” of the body occurs. The healthy water structure in your body becomes a daily routine.

There are people who do not notice any difference when wearing QiOne®.

There are two possible reasons for this: a lack of body awareness or a high coherent state that cannot be permanently achieved.
The causes are different: For example, if you intake nicotine, caffeine, teaine, alcohol, medication or are often dehydrated (drink less than 3 litres of water per day).
Does the QiOne® also have an influence on the water that I am drinking?

The water that you drink is animated directly from the body contact to form coherent structures – if it does not already have them.
This is because the coherent effect is ” self-replicating “. This means that the body’s own water inspires other water to become coherent, too.
Where did the idea for Qi Blanco® come from?
Qi Blanco® products was based on the hypotheses of the French physicist Jean Émile Charon (1920 – 1998). He developed the complex theory of relativity in the 70s and 80s.

With his approaches. it's possible to achieve a strong miniaturization of components, which ultimately define the Qi Blanco® products and technology.
When will I receive my order?
Important note about your insured package: To protect the goods, we ship absolutely neutral. Neither the package nor the sender refer to Qi Blanco®. The package is shipped in the name of the company Druckerei Mack GmbH & Co. KG.

As soon as the money is on our account and your order is ready for shipment, you will receive a separate mail with your tracking ID. Please also check your spam folder.

Please consider that this is an international shipping. The package will go through several custom duties. The estimated delivery time is 1 to 4 weeks. You may be charged customs duties. These depend on the country you are in. The invoice will be sent to you separately.

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