How To Become Superhuman In 5 Steps
Part 2: Mental Setting

Your Mind

- A Staunch Ally -

The double-slit experiment: Famous for demonstrating the duality between wave and particle in the quantum range. In addition, another breathtaking discovery can be made.

By directing the particle beam through two small openings adjacent to each other onto a screen, one obtains an interference pattern similar to the one that would occur with waves. But if you use a detector to determine which of the two gaps the particle has passed through, the interference pattern disappears and a pattern is formed that can only be created by particles. The act of observation by humans thus has a decisive influence on reality. In other words, the mind has the power to influence the physical world.

This quantum mechanical foundation forms the basis for many things that most people simply dismiss as esotericism or spirituality. In fact, feelings and thoughts can be expressed in frequencies, which in turn interact with the body and the environment through electromagnetic forces.

The natural frequencies of our body all range between 0-100 Hz, whereas negative and aggressive feelings like stress, anger, and rage range between 30-100 Hz. Positive feelings that are good for the body, such as happiness, relaxation, and love, have frequencies below 30 Hz.

Contrasting are frequencies of around 2.5 billion Hz, such as those emitted by a smartphone. How our body reacts to such high-frequency radiation is a topic in its own, which I will discussed in detail in chapter 4.

Let me just say that this high-frequency radiation is anything but good for us. The whole thing has given me a completely new view on the subject of biohacking.

What Happens When You Feel Stress?

As soon as you get into a stressful situation, your brain activates a specially designated area: a neural network that then generates corresponding stress frequencies.

These move quickly throughout your entire body, and put it in a state of stress by stimulating cells to produce stress hormones. Your body is flooded with catecholamine and glucocorticoids.

To visualize this process, simply imagine that you are on a ship about to collide with an iceberg. The alarm bells are ringing. Through speakers, you hear a loud “All hands to the battle stations!”  Just as the imaginary ship’s crew would do, your body reacts at that moment.

Just like in this example, the drill of your body is working. The more often a state of stress is triggered, the faster and more optimized this process will work in the future. The principle of conditioning.

Your body and your neuronal network will be transformed with every feeling of stress in such a way that you will feel stress even faster and more intense in the future.

Example: Losing Weight - And Why Your Mind Is A Great Partner Here, Too.

Not that I’m an eavesdropper, but the other day, I overheard the following conversation in a restaurant:
Two men were talking about sports and fitness and one of them, who is the main subject here, kept talking about his training methods.

Whether it was the latest bike or blood pressure and pulse monitors. He apparently has the best equipment around.

The man, however, did not look sporty at all. Fat pads do not depend on strength or endurance. In fact, he could train as much as he wanted; there is only one way to get rid of his excess fat:

The calorie deficit. If the goal is an athletic figure, there is no way around it. Training is only a supporting measure. If you look at the toughest of the athletes – Strongmen and Powerlifter – you will see that they do not have an athletic figure in the classical sense. Their focus is on strength and not on aesthetics.

If you want to lose weight, you have to use your intellect:

Eat more consciously – the number of calories is crucial.

You only burn fat if you use more calories than you eat. Exercise helps with consumption, but without the necessary discipline, all the calories burned from a 3-hour workout can be consumed again within 5 minutes: Just 200g of chocolate is enough.

So how do you lose weight?

To change your eating habits for the better in the long term, you have to reprogram your own brain. More precisely, the “Hunger” program. You must learn a new way of dealing with this sensation.

Technique #1 – New Doing

  1.     The same thoughts lead to the same deeds.
  2.     Same deeds lead to the same experiences.
  3.     Same experiences lead to the same emotions.
  4.     Same emotions produce the same chemical messengers.
  5.     Same chemical messengers shape the same neural networks in the brain.
  6.     Same neuronal networks produce the same thoughts.
The chemical messengers are responsible for the kind of neuronal networks that are developed in the brain. They therefore reinforce certain areas in the brain. This process ensures in everyday life, for example, that one person can calculate better while the other person can draw better.

The corresponding brain regions are trained.
Unfortunately, this effect also ensures that we always react in the same way regarding familiar things – whether positive or negative.
The same neuronal networks with the same patterns are formed again and again.

Your personality, your consciousness, your ego remains the same.

Reality remains the same, because the interpretation of your consciousness influences reality. You are in a permanent loop of your own ego.
Intentionally go into environments you haven’t been to yet!

Do things you have never done before!

Intentionally do familiar things differently!

Get your brain to form new neural networks to find new ways to react the way you want.

You can use the new neural networks to consciously react to a known situation.
Would you like an example?

Instead of always eating the same dish in your favorite restaurant, try the new restaurant around the corner and a dish you have never eaten before. Your body will be flooded with new impressions that shape new nerve tracts, allowing you to think new thoughts in old situations.

Technique #2 - Program Your Brain

I am a guest of Patrick Thiele, mental coach for professional athletes. The deep passion for recognizing and reprogramming old unnecessary programs in the brain unites us.
Watch this video now, and you will learn how to recognize your mental programs of the brain and actively re-program them.

The brain is full of programs that run automatically in the subconscious and control our bodies.

If you tell the same story over and over again: “My job was like this back then, I experienced something terrible,” you activate the same neuronal networks again and again; the same chemical messengers are released, the old pattern, the old programs are amplified.

The stronger the emotion you feel, the more the pattern is shaped.

The more you have experienced in life, the higher the chance that the brain is full of these patterns. They always switch on again in certain situations and run off subconsciously. “Did I just do that?” is a typical feeling that comes up when the program ends and you are back in control of your mind.

Overwrite the old programs and patterns in the brain 

  •     Stop talking and thinking about the past, and let it go
  •     Focus on the here and now and go into action, into doing
  •     Focus on your strengths, on what you can do
  •     Do things with joy, do things that you enjoyed doing as a child
Whenever you notice that old experiences and patterns negatively influence your actions or even your thought processes, take a deep breath! Your past does not have to become your present or future!

Make yourself aware that you have the free will to make new decisions and leave old experiences behind.

Easier said then done. I always put myself under a lot of stress when it comes to the topic of finances.

Since I have had to live with the program “lack” for a long time, I always have problems spending large sums of money. My instinct warns me that I must starve or end up on the street.

Stop it! This does not correspond to reality! As soon as I realize this fact, I take a deep breath and confront these feelings. I make myself aware that these fears are completely unfounded, imagining the next time I am in such a situation to keep my cool with confidence, paying the bill with a smile on my face. I thus condition my brain already now to react differently next time.

Supplementary Literature

Dr. Joe Dispenza is speaker and researcher on the quantum field and on how the mind influences reality.

This has not always been the case. A few years ago, he suffered a severe spinal injury and was diagnosed as a paraplegic. His doctors gave him no hope that he would ever be able to move normally again.

Dr. Dispenza did not let this diagnosis get him down. Through persistent daily meditation, he programmed his body to repair the damaged areas. Only 6 months later, he took his first steps again. Thanks to this fabulous story and his unique ability to communicate, thousands of visitors come to each of his lectures today.

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