How To Become Superhuman In 5 Steps
Part 1: Detoxification

How Poisons Slowly Weaken Us

- And What You Can Do About It -

Please note: This course content serves to clarify the topic of detoxification and to make people curious. Detoxification is a process that puts a strain on the body! In other words, people who suffer from illnesses, are physically not fit, or feel insecure about this topic should consult with a doctor or alternative practitioner under any circumstances, having the detox adapted to their body’s condition.
The topic “health” confronts us not only in the media, but also in our personal environment or in the middle of the street. Physical ailments and diseases are the order of the day.

Society suffers from an unbelievable number of disease epidemics. From complaints like back and joint pain to heart disease, cancer, and other deadly diseases. Add to that allergies, growth problems, diabetes… the list is endless.

Every one of us knows people with such problems, and most of us even suffer from one or the other form of illness ourselves. Who is still completely healthy today? Even children are no longer safe from chronic diseases.

So what is the reason for this health crisis, which is so clearly visible but often only indirectly addressed?

The Problem Of Toxins

Since industrialization, humans have increasingly intervened in our own environment and thus set processes in motion that have completely undreamt-of consequences.

One of these consequences: All kinds of poisons litter our environment. No one can escape them today. A sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits contribute to our limited state of health.

We absorb toxins from our environment. The sources range from food and beverages to cosmetics and deodorant.

Once they enter your body, they cause a lot of damage before escaping again.

The top 3 toxins you deal with in your daily life are:
- Heavy metals
- Aluminum
- Fluoride

From fish on your plate to deodorant spray and toothpaste in the bathroom – our food is full of it, just like our conventional care products.

Normally, our body knows how to defend itself against toxins, but the sheer abundance that confronts us today simply overwhelms the body’s own mechanisms.

How Toxins Work

Interacting with cell receptors is probably the most powerful method by which toxins cause damage. Cell receptors are the molecules of your cells that exchange information with each other, with the body, and its nutrients.

It is a science in itself, but for our purposes, it is enough to imagine cell receptors as keyholes in the cells. A certain “key” activates and opens them to ensure the normal functioning of the cell.

In this analogy, toxins are seen as “false keys”. Although they fit into the keyhole, the receptor is not built for these molecules. In other words, they either block the lock or even irreparably damage it.

This result not only impairs the cells’ communication but also the cell’s work in terms of function and efficiency. If enough receptors on a cell are blocked or destroyed, it can no longer do its work or even dies due to a lack of nutrients.

Consequences Of Toxins

As already mentioned, the long-term effects of toxins on our bodies can be fatal under certain circumstances. Toxins such as those that you absorb from your environment build up very slowly but steadily in your body. It gets a little worse every year. As a result, many people mistakenly dismiss their complaints simply as aging. It’s like saying, “I’m over 30, so it’s natural not to be functioning at 100% isn’t it.”

Statistics however show that this state is by no means the natural process of aging. All kinds of complaints are becoming more and more frequent – often even in young and middle-aged people.

The reason? Toxins!

They disrupt communication in our body and thus accelerate the aging process and the susceptibility to serious diseases that accompany it.

An interesting study shows, for example, that in most cases an increased heavy metal load accompanies Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers’ theory is that the accumulation of toxins in the brain increasingly disrupts its functioning, affecting its memory.

I personally – as well as an ever-increasing number of researchers and doctors – suspect that the omnipresence of toxins is responsible for a large number of disease epidemics that we can observe today. Alzheimer’s disease is just the tip of the iceberg.

A Cocktail Of Toxins

It is no secret that toxins are harmful. The name is program. As a result, researchers have determined a limit value for each toxin. If the toxins exceed this value, they can pose a potential danger to body and health.

The method used to do this poses only one problem:

In tests on laboratory animals, only one poison is examined in detail under controlled laboratory conditions. However, people like you and I do not live in a laboratory, and we are dealing with not just one but several toxins at the same time.

A veritable cocktail of toxins attacks us.

The way in which different substances can interact to harm our body is completely ignored. The limits established by the researchers are therefore more or less meaningless in most cases; they are not seen in context.

What Can I Do About It?

The solution about how you can use this knowledge about toxins to protect and improve your health and that of your friends and family is twofold:

Avoiding Toxins – Consciously adjusting your lifestyle and consumption patterns to absorb fewer toxins. This means among other things: fluoride free toothpaste, pesticide free food, etc.

Detoxification – Targeted reduction of toxins in the body.

What Does Detoxification Do?

Prevent me from getting the most out of every day.

Besides the seriously dangerous consequences of toxins such as chronic diseases and ailments, they make me feel older than I am, affecting my energy level.

Through detoxification, I free as many of my receptors as possible from blocking toxins, allowing my cells to get back to optimally doing their job.

Detoxification can thus provide a huge boost in mental clarity, as well as in physical and mental energy compared to before, meaning you can do more and better work. Those who have to spend less time with or at work automatically have more free time for hobbies, friends, and family. In fact, for the good things in life, generally enjoying your life much more.

I detox at least once every three months to achieve this state.

My Personal Experience

Common sense and experiences from reality actually dictate that the body must be viewed as a holistic system. Anything you do with one part of your body automatically affects the rest of the coherent system. However, when people ignore this principle, they involuntarily create the perfect recipe for unforeseeable consequences.

Take a visit to the dentist, for example.

Most dental products contain fluoride – a toxic substance.

Fluoride on the teeth makes sense. It makes the teeth white and protects them from attack. I, however, does not just stick to the teeth but moves on and spreads throughout the body, where it eventually blocks and damages cell receptors.

As someone who detoxifies regularly, I notice it immediately when I have a larger amount of fluoride in my body again. I get more tired and have less energy overall. After 30 minutes, I also get a stabbing headache.

Therefore, I emphasize at every visit to the dentist that I would like to be treated with fluoride-free products, and I do not use fluoridation after cleaning my teeth.

The head dentist understands my request and adapts the treatment accordingly, but when I again tell the employed doctor my request, I meet with resistance.

“Where did you get the fluoride from? The Internet?”

Only when I draw attention to my own training, the conversation turns into a professional discussion – although my discussion partner usually only answers in consensus with orthodox medicine.

In complementary medicine, which sees the body as the holistic system it really is, fluoride replacement and detoxification have long been common practice.

How To Eliminate The Toxins From Your Body

In order to get the toxins out of the body, you must first mobilize them and then bind them. Then the body can eliminate them.

If you are not yet used to ridding your body of toxins, mobilization can be a somewhat unpleasant experience. All previously deposited toxins are suddenly back in the bloodstream. The subsequent result, however, is worth the experience.

I therefore strongly recommend that you talk to an alternative practitioner before the first detox. He or she can prepare you optimally for the upcoming process and give you answers to all your questions.

Here is a little tactical tip for you:

A good time to start a detox is on a Friday morning. Once the effects begin, you will have the whole weekend to get used to it.

For my own detox, I use these top three products. They do a great job with their combined properties. They mobilize and bind the toxins so that my body can eliminate them easily:

Chlorella Algae
Zeolites (volcanic stone)
Coriander tincture

For 6 weeks, I take these remedies in the following dosage once a day before going to bed:

20-30 tabs of chlorella algae
1 teaspoon of zeolite
1 – 5 drops of coriander tincture

In addition to the remedies, you must ensure that you drink plenty of water (at least 3 liters a day), combined with a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins.

You must also avoid taking any drugs during this time. In other words, not only illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. You should also avoid excessive caffeine.

This behavior will allow your body to regenerate optimally, getting the most out of the cure.

Product Links

Sufficient for about 10 days

The Algae Tabs from Chlorenergy are a little more at the expensive end of the spectrum, but they are of excellent quality. This aspect should by no means be underestimated. Poorer versions can be preloaded with heavy metals, making the tabs rather counterproductive.

Once we had bought lower quality algae tabs, resulting in nausea and vomiting. I am thus not at all willing to compromise here.

Quality is important, and Chlorenergy keeps its promises. I have been using these tabs for a long time, and I am 100% satisfied with them.

Sufficient for approx. 4-8 weeks

Again, a personal favorite of mine. I have been using it for a long time, and therefore I have nothing to negative to say.

Corianderdissolves heavy metals, then bounded by the other substances. If I taketoo much of it, I even get a headache from all the circulating heavymetals that are not bound.

Asan alternative to a tincture, you can also eat fresh coriander everyday. For me, this procedure is too time consuming in the end. Therefore,I prefer to use the tincture.

Sufficient for approx. 2-3 weeks

This fine-pored volcanic rock is ideal for binding mobilized toxins and thus eliminating them. Binding is important because otherwise the toxins would simply wander around the body.

Here, too, it is important to pay attention to the quality, as zeolites can also be preloaded with heavy metals – which would again be counterproductive for your detox.

Legal Information:

This course is for information purposes only. The information is in no way a substitute for professional advice or treatment by trained and accredited physicians. We urge all users, especially those with health problems, to always consult a doctor when necessary. If you have any questions regarding your health, please contact your trusted doctor. Never start a treatment on your own, do not change it or stop it on your own.

The technology or knowledge presented here (such as homeopathy, bioresonance, areas of acupuncture) does not correspond to the scientific understanding and doctrine. The effects and effects of the products are not scientifically recognized. The use of the presented products, techniques and statements does not include therapy and does not replace the consultation of a doctor or naturopath.

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