How to Become Superhuman in 5 Steps
Bonus Lesson

The Example

My own experience shows how the knowledge in this course can change your life!

No information in the world will never change your life if you do not apply it. Therefore, all the things you have learned in this course need to be incorporated into your actions and deeds so that they have some effect on your life.

I took some time before I finally learned to treat my body the way it needs to be treated:

  1.     A poison-free environment.
  2.     Conscious Mental Programming
  3.     Sufficient minerals and vitamins
  4.     As little e-smog as possible
  5.     Access to Coherent Water

The difference I have experienced is simply fantastic. It feels truly unique when you are in harmony with your body.

If you also give the body everything it needs, there is a high change that it will be faithful to you for 120 years, doing whatever you want it to do.

The Beginnings

I used to be a completely different person. There was nothing more important than my career; I wanted as much as possible, as quickly as possible. That’s why I abused my body and worked harder and harder, regardless of losses.

The reward? Success and the money I wanted.

However, it did not take long before I realized that I had made a bad trade: At 28, I had circular hair loss, was overweight at 5’8″ and 90kg, and had eye rims that competed with my grandfather’s. In short, I was miserable. It was like making a deal with the devil.

The Road to Recovery

I had what I had always wanted, but I was not happy. I realized that it takes more to be happy than success and money. If you neglect health, you cannot enjoy all the money in the world.

I thus came to the knowledge that I am sharing with you now, giving you the tools you need to take care of your health and that of your friends and family. I have really understood that health is the aspect of life on which everything else is built. If you really want to live a happy and fulfilled life, keep that in mind.

Hair Growth

My renewed hair growth shows most clearly how the teachings and principles from this course can change your body. Without the use of any creams or special shampoos, I have managed to have my hair grow back at the age of 33, when others are just beginning to lose their hair.

I use curd soap for the body and for the hair. Additionally. I use a gentle solid soap made of vegetable oils from time to time. Otherwise only water.

Following the five steps from this course, I was able to make the following progress:

Level 1 after 3-6 months:
In the shower, I noticed much less hair in the drain than bevor, and even combing my hair showed less hair in the brush. This observation is the first sign that the body can hold the remaining hairs.

Level 2 after 12 months:
In bald areas, very thin white hairs grow sporadically, like baby’s fluff. Although difficult to see on photos, it is a very strong sign that hair roots have been reactivated.

Stage 3 after 16-20 months:
Dark hairs in isolated cases replace the white fluff. You become fully aware of this growth when you compare pictures. In areas where there was no hair for a long time, the hairline continues to grow. When I noticed the effect for the first time, there were only isolated hairs. This growth is a strong sign that the body reactivates hair roots and can form completely healthy hair.

Mental Strength

By practicing chapter 2 I found the strength and discipline to get my eating habits back under control. From my 90kg now only 77kg are left, a comfortable weight for my height.

I now only eat when I am hungry. No longer from frustration, tiredness or stress. I still treat myself to a piece of cake every now and then – but with a feeling of satiety that fits the calorie requirement much better. One slice is now absolutely sufficient, a second one would be quite an effort. I no longer have to eat until I feel my stomach tighten, I now have a much better feeling for how much I actually need!

But what I really like best is the awareness of my thoughts that I have now. Whenever I let myself be guided by old patterns or programs, I notice this and have the chance to take the reins back into my own hands.

Concluding Words

Success happens through implementation

The information from this course has the power to change your life. However, only if you use it. Remember:

  1.     Detox regularly
  2.     Become aware of your mental programming
  3.     Eat fresh things that have a full natural taste
  4.     Switch off your router at night and put your mobile phone in flight mode
  5.     Give your body the coherent water it needs

These five things alone will enable you to enjoy a completely different level of health.

Good luck and my best wishes,

Christian Bernd Bauer
Founder of Qi Blanco

Legal information:

This course is for information purposes only. The information is in no way a substitute for professional advice or treatment by trained and accredited physicians. We urge all users, especially those with health problems, to always consult a doctor when necessary. If you have any questions regarding your health, please contact your trusted doctor. Never start a treatment on your own, do not change it or stop it on your own.

The technology or knowledge presented here (such as homeopathy, bioresonance, areas of acupuncture) does not correspond to the scientific understanding and doctrine. The effects and effects of the products are not scientifically recognized. The use of the presented products, techniques and statements does not include therapy and does not replace the consultation of a doctor or naturopath.

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