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Part 4: E-Smog


The Stress You Can't See

Electromagnetic (EM) radiation is omnipresent and quite natural: Visible light or even the warming rays of the sun. However, since humans have discovered how to generate EM in order to use them for their purposes, our bodies have also been exposed to a myriad of artificial sources of radiation. This idea in itself means nothing bad, because the source of the EM rays has no influence on the effect.

The only thing that makes up the radiation is its wavelength and intensity.

You know, however, that radiation can also be dangerous. From the sunburn you get from the UV radiation, the microwaves that heat food and the high energy gamma rays from nuclear reaction, it doesn’t take much imagination to see how you can do harm with it.

How Radiation Can Harm You

Radiation can affect you when it is absorbed by your body, for then the energy that the photons have is released in your body. Here the wavelength of the radiation is crucial. While parts of the sunlight warm your face pleasantly, other components can penetrate your cells and damage them.

Sunburn, for example, is the phenomenon when your cells are so damaged that they can develop cancer and – to protect you – prefer to destroy themselves. It’s, in fact, a noble thing: All those skin cells that commit suicide to protect us from cancer, for we have been in the sun too long.

Since humans control their bodies by electrical signals, EM radiation can also affect your body in the meantime. Not to the extent that your arm will twitch uncontrollably like when you are exposed to electricity; in more subtle ways.

EM Radiation Over-Stimulates Your Sensory System

Think of it as a subliminal interference signal that disrupts communication in your body. Commands arrive more slowly and inaccurately: The body can no longer operate at 100% of its potential.

Why Should I Be Wary Of Radiation Now?

After all, you said yourself that radiation is something quite natural.

Radiation may not have been a problem 200 years ago, but it is now.

What has changed?

Humans have drastically increased the strains to which they are exposed! The human body has evolved to withstand sunburn. However, it can only withstand 5G radio towers, microwaves, and a 24/7 radio connection from a mobile phone under ideal conditions without long-term damage.

With a toxic environment, nutrient-poor food, and so forth, we can discover a subject that is responsible for the continuous deterioration of human health: intervention in the environmental system without considering the possible long-term consequences.

In fact, it is no secret that developments like 5G are worrying. You can read what Wikipedia and even the German government says about it:

Quote Wikipedia on 5G:
“There is no doubt that electromagnetic radiation causes the heating of tissue(!). According to […] the Federal Office for Radiation Protection […] the heating […] is harmless.

Quote of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection on 5G:
“Independent of 5G, scientific uncertainties (!) still exist regarding possible long-term effects (!) of intensive mobile phone use in general.
However, the technology is still too young (!) for a final assessment, since, for example, cancer diseases develop over periods of 20 – 30 years (!).
Even in the case of effects on children, not all questions have yet been answered conclusively (!).
Consumers should therefore pay attention to the SAR value when choosing a mobile phone: The lower the value, the less radiation the device emits.”

The Federal Government advises the consumer to consider the radiation values of the mobile phone in order to withstand the skin-warming 5G radiation of the radio towers – a paradox.

 With the constant expansion of networks, 5G and the growing inevitability of induction cookers, WLAN and so forth, more and more people are realizing that all this radiation may not necessarily be good for them. I started research on this topic when my former employer installed a WLAN router right next to my head. I was shocked that there are no guidelines against such an installation, and the installers had no idea how the device actually works. There was a device right next to my head that radiated at 2.5 GHz (2 500 000 000 000) – about 25 million times (25 000 000 000!) faster than my brain which radiates at 100 Hz. Since then, I started to study the subject intensively.

What Can You Do About It?

1. Supply The Body

Thanks to toxins in our body and inadequate nutrition, your body is already weakened anyway. In order for your body to cope better with the radiation, you must take care of it and give it what it needs. It is therefore important to consider and implement the information from the previous chapters.

Only then will your body have enough reserves to regenerate you from the damage of the radiation.

2. Turn It Off

If a device has no power, it has no energy to produce radiation. Especially at night when you sleep, you don’t need an internet connection.

In fact, the mobile phone can easily be switched to flight mode while the alarm clock still works. WLAN routers can be programmed to switch themselves on and off at certain times.

If you’re not awake anyway, all excuses for practicality and productivity are powerless. It is therefore especially easy to protect yourself at night: Just turn everything off.

The other option is shielding. Building biologists, the researchers of the relationship between humans and their created environment, are currently very much concerned with the topic of shielding. One trend among building biologists is to shield. The idea is to shield a room so that no electromagnetic radiation can penetrate it. Radiation is energy which doesn’t go away. Shielding can reflect or absorb. Very often, it does both in different ways.

3. Reflection

All EM rays can be reflected like light in a mirror. Only the mirror is different depending on the frequency. But reflection has a crucial disadvantage: Everything is reflected.

And the radiation has to go somewhere. So if you are in a room that reflects radiation, there can be a sort of effect, like in a microwave. The rays are not let out there so that as much energy as possible is converted to heat the food.

If you are in such a room with a radiation wave, you can be pretty sure that most of the radiation will eventually be absorbed by objects IN the room - like your body, for example. On top of that, in such a room you also don't have any reception from the outside, which means that your cell phone is constantly searching for network and thus radiates even more than it already does otherwise.

So if you're under a canopy with a cell phone, it's the human equivalent of putting food in a microwave oven. The food is heated just like the body.

4. Absorbtion

Absorption is better than reflection and should therefore be considered when looking for an apartment or building a house. One of the solutions found by building biologists is surprisingly simple, and my personal favorite: wood.

From a thickness of 30cm, there is a noticeable absorption effect: Radiation from inside and outside is converted to heat in the wood, instead of in the body.

As a result, you may have a poor mobile phone signal; in my opinion, however, this result is only a small price that I am prepared to pay for my well-being.

I also personally like the feeling and flair of wooden houses. That is, however, a matter of taste.

5. Coherent Water Structure

The coherent water structure is the supreme discipline of shielding. For centuries, it has protected humans from all kind of radiation. Compared to normal water, coherent water has a high arrangement at lowest density. It is, for example, the reason why some animals can walk over the water surface – they walk on a coherent water structure.

With coherent water, the body has the ability to shield the cell and the nucleus–including DNA–from radiation. Remember that cells are surrounded by water, forming 3 layers.

If the middle water layer reaches at least 62% of the coherent structure, a separate electromagnetic field is created around the cell. This field acts as a protective shield for the cells and thus for your body. The water molecules that are in the coherent structure will release 13% of their electrons. These electrons coat the cell, reflecting and absorbing EM radiation.

Coherent water – the topic of the next chapter, by the way – has even more advantages, but in this chapter focus soley on how it can protect you from radiation. To help your body protect itself in this way, you should drink coherent water (e.g. spring water), drink a lot (3 liters per day is ideal) as dehydration actively prevents the formation of coherent structures, and detoxify your body as heavy metals prevent water from entering the coherent state. Qi Blanco also offers a very modern way of increasing the number of coherent structures: The QiOne®.


5G & E-Smog, What Are Our Options?

Dipl. – Ing. Christian Bauer, founder of Qi Blanco, was a guest speaker at the Family Health Congress 2019. He talks to the alternative practitioner and Dr. Klinghardt therapist Matthias Cebula about the effects of 5G and E-smog on the human body.

In this podcast you will learn what it means when your cells come into contact with electromagnetic radiation, to what extent shielding makes sense, what the body’s own radiation shield is and how you can support it.

Supplementary Literature

Dr. med. med. habil. Karl Hecht
Professor of Neurophysiology and Professor Emeritus of Experimental and Clinical Pathological Physiology at the Humboldt University (Charité) in Berlin.

In his detailed research report “Harmful Effects of Smartphone, Radar, 5G and WLAN” – with more than 85 pages – he describes the challenges that electromagnetic radiation poses in everyday life. First publication, Berlin 2019.

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