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  • Personal Growth
  • EMF & 5G Protection
  • Enhanced Connection to the Quantum Field
  • Effect Confirmed In Cell Studies

Effect Confirmed In Cell Studies

Get a feel for it and take a look at the latest study results!


QiOne® 2 Pro was awarded as one of the hottest wellbeing gadgets for 2022:​

Lifestyle coach Andi Lew (@andi.lew) has made it her life's work to research the latest trends to enhance quality of life. In Maxim Australia, she chose the QiOne® 2 Pro as the best product 2022 for electromagnetic radiation protection.

Wow, we are honored!


Podcast: The QiOne® 2 Pro starts working where it is needed the most​

When Christian Bauer (Founder of Qi Blanco®) and Joshua Holland (Natural Biohacker) sat down to talk about Qi Blanco®, they came up with this wonderful piece that is certainly going to help you understand the unique inner workings behind the QiOne® 2 Pro.

Listen to this illuminating podcast to learn how the technology does not work for you but with you.

As Christian beautifully said: it starts where it is needed most in the body.

What exactly does that mean? Well, take a listen. It’s worth your time. 😉

Study: The effect of the QiOne® has been tested and confirmed on human cells!

This not only helps to inactivate harmful cell phone radiation, but also promotes cell metabolism, which has a positive effect on the immune system. You can read more about this in the report.

„Careful – the QiOne® is irresistible, once you wear it, you can’t live without it!"

“Earlier this year, I started to notice a slick steel and gold pendant named QiOne ®️ hanging around the necks of some athletes, digital nomads, and biohackers.

I was told it supposedly helped them against radiations and much more but to be honest I simply assumed it to be yet another gadget.

This invention is different.

Unlike most products that claim to stop radiations, this technology is about helping the body to thrive in their presence.

Let’s face it, we can’t really stop radiations. So could there be a way to make our bodies strong enough to deal with them? This is the idea behind the QiOne ®️ device…

Just as with everything, it’s the inner changes that are the most powerful and impactful ultimately. so I believe.

So, is there any downside to wearing a QiOne®️?

Yes.. to me it’s highly addictive and it has become hard being without one! As much as I enjoyed other technologies, I had no issue letting them go. But when I tried to lend my QiOne®️ I so missed it I had to get it back within minutes.

With much love



Double world record breaker Frank Delventhal and his feedback on the QiOne® 2 Pro

Bend a 16 mm steel bar in under 2 minutes OR break 5 massive steel chains with the force of your chest? Frank can do it!

Frank Delventhal is the proud owner of the Kettlebell Club Hamburg and proves what is possible if you use your mind and body properly.

After a heavy blow of fate 10 years ago, he picks himself up and turns into a double world record holder.

“You will never do sports again!"

"When the doctor said that to me, a world had collapsed for me.”

By completely changing his life circumstances, he creates what seems to be unattainable for many and proves by doing so: You are the creator of your reality. Out of the hospital and into a double world record holder!

He set his two world records in 2020. For his training he used the QiOne®.

In this video he tells us his story & his first feedback on the 2nd generation of the QiOne®!

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"I believe that everyone should have a deeper understanding of their body. If you only listen to the advice of one type of professional, health crises like the one we are currently experiencing are inevitable." - Christian Bauer, Founder of Qi Blanco®

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