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Part 5: Coherent Water Structure

Coherent Water Structure

- The True Potential Of Water -

Water is fundamental to life. This fact, however, is no secret; after all, 99% of all molecules in your body are water molecules, H²O. The next most abundant molecule is sulfur with only 0.2%.

Accordingly, you need to drink a lot to keep your body functioning, at least 3 liters a day. Although this behavior is well known, many people find it difficult to implement it. As a result, you make yourself vulnerable and can no longer work at 100%. Imagine it like a plant where parts of the leaves have withered.

Besides the essential but somehow obvious advice to drink enough water, there is another immensely important fact I want to discuss:

Water is not always water without talking about minerals and trace element content. Water has the potential to change into a more energetic state, which is fundamental for our bodily functions.

I am talking about Coherent Water.

What Is Coherent Water?

When an H²O molecule is stimulated, the angle between the hydrogen atoms and the oxygen atom changes from 104.5° to 109.5°. This change in geometry may not sound impressive, but it allows the molecules to change to a hexagonal structure with other water molecules, where hydrogen bonds are formed. In other words, this change gives rise to some extremely interesting and useful properties that make coherent water so fantastic.

Even before this phenomenon was scientifically proven, people spoke of “vitalized”, “energized”, or “hexagonal” water (although customers were mostly found within esoteric circles). The explanations were just as adventurous as the products themselves.

It took until this century before scientific tests forced the intelligentsia to take it seriously. It is proven, coherent water exists, in each of us, and it is at least as important as minerals and vitamins for our body. Now researchers like Prof. Dr. Pollack or Prof. Dr. Warnke are at the forefront of researching the mysterious properties of coherent water.

What Makes The Coherent Water Structure So Special?

Coherent water stores 13% of its electrons; an electron shell is created, thus behaving as if it were just an atom!

This electron shell acts as a shield for your cells, protecting them from external electromagnetic rays. You have already learned about the danger of electromagnetic rays in the chapter on e-smog.

It can also protect your cells from viruses! Three layers of water, X, Y & Z., surround cells. As soon as the Y layer consists of at least 62% coherent water, the denser structure protects your cells from attacks by viruses and so forth thus supporting your immune system. It also causes the cell’s own proteins to clump less, blocking important passages that your cells need to function properly.

The next two properties, by the way, suggest that the body has specialized in functioning with this type of water and that the lack of it we experience today is not the norm. To function at 100%, coherent water seems to be fundamental.

Unlike regular water, coherent water does not hinder your cell communication. Because of the disordered structure of regular water, the molecules keep colliding with each other, resulting in a phenomenon called “thermal noise”. This noise is small interference frequencies that can drown out the smallest cellular frequencies – the body can no longer “hear” them.

Research also shows that coherent water is fundamental to the proper functioning of our blood circulation. It has long been a mystery how we can survive when the heart is mathematically not capable of producing enough force to push the blood (which is 50% water) through our extremely extensive system. The solution comes from super water: Under infrared light irradiation – like from the sun – the water converts the energy of the radiation into motion and thus produces the flow forces that were mathematically missing. Coherent water is therefore fundamental for our blood circulation!

All this information shows that our body is better off with coherent water than without it. It is, in fact, a solid pillar in our body vitality, alongside vitamins, minerals, hydrogenation, movement. and the absorption of energy.

How Can I Use The Advantages Of A Coherent Water Structure?

As mentioned in the chapter on e-smog, you have two options: Either you drink coherent water or you help the water in your body to reach the coherent state.

Spring water is recommended for drinking. It changes to the super state due to the high frictional conditions when it rises through the layers of soil. If you want this spring water effect at home, there is the possibility to create it with a device like the QiHome®. Not only the drinking water becomes coherent, but also the atmosphere in the room becomes very relaxing due to the coherent breathing air. Users report of a home that has now become a refueling station after a stressful day, letting go, escaping the worries of everyday life.

If you want to strengthen the water that is already in your body, the easiest way is to use a QiOne®. Through its static field that spreads through the skin into the body the water molecules in your body are stimulated in such a way that they can easily reach the super state. The users speak of a relieved feeling, triggered by the increased body processes. Detoxification, however, is also important. As you already know, toxins are structure-breaking ions that destroy the coherent water structure.

With an increased coherent water structure, you can look forward to a variety of effects that affect your life in different ways:

Your body becomes more resistant to e-smog and can communicate more clearly with itself again. This reaction improves your health and performance.

The cells are better protected against dangers such as viruses, strengthening your immune system, making you sick less often.

Your blood flow runs more smoothly, relieving your heart, allowing your body to deliver nutrients to where they are needed. Overall, it improves your physical and mental performance, giving you more energy for the day.

Supplementary Literature

Prof. Dr. Gerald Pollack has recorded impressive results about the coherent water structure under the microscope. In this lecture, you will get a deeper understanding of the physics behind all the positive effects of coherent water. From the properties of the hexagonal structure, to its reaction to infrared light and the effect on blood circulation. All in all, a very enlightening and interesting lecture.
Prof. Dr. Pollack – “The Fourth Phase Of Water”
Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Warnke, born 1945, studied biology, physics, geography, and education. He worked for many years as a university lecturer with teaching posts in biomedicine, biophysics, environmental medicine, physiological psychology and psychosomatics, preventive biology, and bionics. Since 1969, he has been researching in the field of “Effects of electromagnetic oscillations and fields, including light, on organisms”; since 1989, he has been head of the Technical Biomedical Working Group. His book Bionic Water explains in detail all quantum mechanical processes of coherent water. First publication 2019.

Legal Information:

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