Water is an Information System

Water is the ultimate receiver and carrier of information. This makes sense, given that by molecular count, we humans are 99 percent water. When we improve the structure and efficacy of our body's water, it becomes a better superhighway for cellular communication.


Water is an information system

Does water have a memory? In other words, can it receive information, process it, and store it? And then, at some later point in time, can this information be recalled (and put to good use)?

The answer is yes. Support the efficacy of your body’s water with the QiOne® 2 Pro.

Water researchers believe that one of the many properties of water is its ability to hold an imprint or “memory” of substances that have previously been exposed or dissolved in it. The belief is that as water travels, it picks up and stores information from all the places it has traveled through. Unprocessed (naturally flowing) water, exposed to different rocks, stones, crystals, etc. causes the water’s molecules to rearrange their structure based on that of the rocks and gems. This helps explain the different qualities and tastes that natural spring water has around the world.

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Equally fascinating is that the imprint that’s left on this naturally flowing water is actually transferrable to other living organisms–like us humans. This vibratory imprint, or restructuring, creates a water that is more bio-available and more healing than unstructured water. In fact, this structured/coherent water is the state, or phase, of water that our bodies need for optimal cell functioning.

Is structure that important?

Humans are by molecular count 99 percent water. This means that water is in every single cell of our body. Cellular hydration is what sustains life. But it’s not just the quantity of water that matters. Again, it’s the water’s structure that makes all the difference.

If you think structure isn’t important, take a look at carbon. Structured one way, it’s a lump of coal, but structured another way, it’s a diamond: same atoms, different pattern. Or how about Silicon dioxide: structured one way, it’s a quartz crystal, but structured another way, it’s just glass. The same applies to water.

The complex, symmetrical, hexagonal matrix of structured/coherent water is precisely the architecture that makes for smooth, efficient, orderly and economic movement of electric cell signaling and information processing. When cells are challenged with elements like toxins, pollutants, or even stress, this causes a breakdown of the structured water (H3O2) that our body has worked hard to produce. You can actually see these unstructured water molecules under a microscope, moving in random, chaotic and disorganized ways–a highly inefficient (and ultimately problematic) use of energy.

Regular exposure to elements such as EMF radiation from electronic devices and 5G infrastructure, environment chemicals and toxins, smog, processed water, and/or stress, puts additional strain on the body to maintain sufficient production of coherent water needed for optimal cell function. Over time, this breakdown of structured/coherent water creates an opportune environment for sickness and disease to dominate and flourish.  


While some of us may not have much control over, for example, our exposure to environmental toxins and/or EMF radiation, we know that water is an information system.  And there are things we can do to increase the efficacy of that system to better strengthen and protect us.

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How/why does coherent water work?

One of the properties of water in the coherent state is what scientist Gerald Pollack calls an Exclusion Zone (EZ). Put simply, when water meets hydrophilic (water-loving) surfaces or materials, it splits into positive and negative charges. It naturally arranges its hydrogen and oxygen molecules into repeating and ordered geometric crystal-like formations. The negatively charged matrix (built from H3O2) are not just a few molecules deep: they may be millions of molecules deep. It’s this negative charge that cells need: when your cells receive the proper type of water for growth and regeneration, they function better.

Another salient feature of this highly structured water area is that it excludes anything that doesn’t have the same negative charge: hence the term Exclusion Zone (EZ) water.

Water in this coherent state also prevents toxins and other positively charged contaminants from entering the cells. Instead, they are repelled and flushed out through the body’s various detox pathways.  

In this way, structured/coherent/EZ water is like a charged battery: it stores energy and then delivers that energy to the cells that need it.

What can we do to increase coherent state of water in our body? 

Given water’s tendency to influence, and be influenced by, its environment, it is important to ensure that you’re building your internal reserves of coherent water.


  • Limit your use of (and exposure to) EMF radiation from electronic devices as much as possible.
  • Manage your stress levels.  Don’t let them manage you.
  • Think empowering thoughts. You get more of what you focus on.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The type of water you drink matters. Drink natural spring water, if possible. Limit consumption of tap water (aka bulk water, unstructured water).
  • Get plenty of sunlight. As with plants, our bio-water is extraordinarily influenced by daylight.
  • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables: they are naturally rich with structured water.


  • Wear the QiOne® 2 Pro, knowing that your body is taking every opportunity to increase its production of coherent water.


Communication and energy go hand in hand. Structured/coherent water is the message, the messenger and the means by which this happens.

Invest in a QiOne® 2 Pro–your body’s gateway to optimal communication and energy.

ADDED NOTE: According to the researchers, water’s “memory” also holds true after high dilution, even to the point where no chemicals or molecules remain in the water itself. In fact, this is the guiding principal of homeopathy.

As for water having an “emotional memory,” the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a pioneer in the study of water, revealed that human thought influences the structure of water. Beautiful symmetry occurred when water was exposed to positive thoughts and emotions, such as love and gratitude. To learn more about Emoto’s work, click here.

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