Water Impacts Every Aspect of our Lives

Not only does water impact every aspect of our lives, but the state of that water has a direct influence on our health and wellbeing. Read to learn more about the fourth state of water, which is key to cell communication.


Life without water…is unthinkable. Water affects every aspect of our lives. It’s used in agriculture to grow fresh produce and sustain livestock, as well as for irrigation. Water’s industrial use is necessary in the production process for either creating products or cooling equipment used in creating or transporting products. And it also plays a vital role in the healthcare field–from washing surgical tools and equipment to hydrotherapy for patients, and more.


Water is essential to all living things. In fact, since time immemorial, a major key to survival has been prevention of dehydration. Without water, we can’t survive longer than a few days. This makes sense because not only is the average adult body weight comprising about 70% water, but 99% of the body’s molecules are water molecules. The connection between water and cellular homeostasis is a given. Water changes everything! This is a good thing. Because with water we can make positive changes in our life (more on that below).


QiOne® 2 Pro and the coherent, super state of water


In addition to the three states of water (solid, liquid and gas), scientists have newly identified a fourth, gel-like state of water–known as coherent water, which has qualities of both a liquid and a solid: flowing, but with a crystalline structure. In this super state, an electrical potential (voltage) is created between the structured coherent water and the water surrounding it, effectuating optimized cellular and metabolic functioning. This fourth state is what enables your joints to not squeak when they rub together. It’s what enables water to travel up a 100-foot tree against–through adhesion and cohesion. While our healthy bodies naturally have coherent water, there is always room for improvement, for more.

Activating this coherent state of water is the QiOne 2 Pro’s main function, its raison d’etre. The grid chip’s gold atoms are specifically designed to stimulate more of the body’s water molecules to enter the coherent water state: electron “shells” are formed, protecting you from EMFs and other harmful toxins. When cells are better protected, communication between the cells is at its peak efficiency: energy is not expended combating interference. The reduction in thermal noise allows signals to reach your cells uninterrupted. This is the state of water that is most conducive to optimal health and wellbeing.


What are some of the beneficial properties of water in general?

  • Water can store (and carry) heat and energy.


  • Water can dissolve substances such as minerals (like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium) and salts.


  • Water helps blood flow more smoothly.


  • Water can assume different forms. Ice can be used to cool, liquid is used in baths and compresses at varying pressures/temperatures, and steam is used in steam baths or when breathing in. The gel state of water conducts electricity in the body more efficiently than regular bulk water.


  • Water (bath, shower, compress, swimming) has a calming and restorative effect on people.


  • Exercise in water takes the weight off an aching joint while also providing resistance.

The Harvard Medical School notes that water has many important jobs:


  •   Carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells
  •   Flushing bacteria from your bladder
  •   Aiding digestion
  •   Preventing constipation
  •   Normalizing blood pressure
  •   Stabilizing the heartbeat
  •   Cushioning joints
  •   Protecting organs and tissues
  •   Regulating body temperature
  •   Maintaining electrolyte balance


Now take the above-mentioned functions and amplify them: that’s the effect of the QiOne® 2 Pro. Unstructured/incoherent water molecules (e.g. tap water) move and collide in a random and chaotic manner, while water molecules in a structured coherent domain move smoothly, continuously and with great efficiency. The cell signal pathways in coherent water molecules are highly organized and undisturbed: this lets cells communicate and function better, with less energy expended. Everything that water is doing for you, it’s doing optimally when in a coherent state. 


Imagine the effect that has on your immune system, your cognitive function, your energy level, your physical performance, your productivity, your life force.

Here’s another way of understanding the impact of water: think about the effects of dehydration. Insufficient hydration can result in swelling in the brain, kidney failure, seizures, and even death. Your health and wellbeing clearly depends on hydration.


Water is an essential part of our lives. So make smart choices with it.  By investing in a QiOne® 2 Pro, you can stimulate more of your body’s water molecules to be in this super state, the coherent state. You’ll be better protected, more energized, well rested, and…functioning at your best.



NOTE: Do not take freshwater for granted. Only three percent of the world’s water is fresh water–suitable for drinking. And of that three percent, two thirds is locked up in glaciers, ice caps and permafrost, or buried deep in the earth. The rest (97%) is saline and ocean-based.



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