The True Power of Coherent Water

Water is the simplest, most abundant chemical compound on this earth. And despite its simplicity, it has the most complex properties and anomalies without which life would be impossible. Here’s everything you need to know about the power and benefits of coherent water.


For as long as water has been studied, it was believed to have only three states–solid (ice), liquid (rain) and gas (vapor). However, in recent years scientists have been able to unlock some of its many mysteries, one of which is a fourth, gel-like state –the super state known as coherent water. This fourth state has qualities of both a solid and a liquid: flowing, but with a solid-like crystalline structure. This creates an unexpected phenomenon–an electrical potential (voltage) between the structured coherent water and the water surrounding it. Similar to a battery, coherent water stores energy. This is a good thing, as coherent water allows for optimized cellular and metabolic function, as well as better hydration and detoxification. 

Connection between water and QiOne 2 Pro

QiOne 2 Pro is unique in its approach to coherent water. The grid chip’s gold atoms are specifically designed to stimulate more of the body’s water molecules to enter the coherent water state: electron “shells” are created, protecting you from viruses, bacteria, EMFs and other toxins. Not only are your cells better protected, but communication between the cells is enhanced. The reduction in thermal noise allows signals to reach your cells uninterrupted. Your body is working smarter and more efficiently. All you have to do is wear it.  

Do we already have coherent water in our bodies?

Yes. The adult human body is up to 70% water by volume and 99% by molecular structure. While we can go without food for about three weeks, we wouldn’t last more than a few days without water. Plain and simple, our life depends on it. And so, our bodies already have coherent water. In fact, the majority of our water is coherent, as our bodily tissues are hydrophilic (water loving). This explains why water doesn’t leak out when we have a cut. We may bleed but our organs and tissues don’t deflate like a punctured water balloon, due to the gel-like state of our body’s coherent water. 

But the reality is the average person eats processed foods and refined sugar, consumes alcohol regularly, doesn’t get the recommended amount of exercise, is overmedicated, and/or leads a stressful life. This makes it more challenging for our bodies to maintain sufficient coherent water for optimal functioning. 

Coherent water is like a battery that needs to be charged regularly. When our cells aren’t being fed properly, over time it can lead to diseases rooted in dehydration, toxicity, and weakened cell functioning. 

Benefits of coherent water

  • Cell Recovery: Our cells don’t have to expend the extra energy processing chaotic, unstructured water if we have coherent water available for use.
  • More Efficient Detoxification: Our bodies can break down and eliminate toxins more regularly and efficiently with coherent water. This results in less toxic accumulation.

  • Increased Energy: The hydrogen bonds in coherent water are structured so that they move toward each other uninterrupted. Reduced thermal noise makes more energy available.
  • Protection from E-smog: Coherent water creates an electron shell that reflects electromagnetic waves.

  • Protection from Viruses: The protective electron shell makes it difficult for viruses and bacteria to penetrate.

  • Body Systems Working Better Together: We are made of multiple interacting systems. For example, if your immune system is unable to protect from outside dangers, your nervous system can be affected. If your nervous system is compromised, you may lose sensation or mobility. Coherent water optimizes coordinated functioning of your body’s many systems. 

  • What we know is that energy is best transmitted through water. Not only does water have a powerful effect on us, our health, our lives, but we can have an effect on our body’s water by wearing a QiOne 2 Pro. You’ll experience a more energized and better-protected you as your body creates more coherent water. 

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