Here’s How Smart Devices Impact Your Health

Smart devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and even home appliances, emit small amounts of electromagnetic frequency (EMF). Here's how frequency technology devices like the QiOne 2 Pro can help.


People check their cell phones every five minutes and spend about 3.5 hours a day staring at their phone screens. From text messages, videos, emails and photos to games, web browsing and mobile apps, connectivity is in the palm of your hands. And then there are smart homes–with appliances and devices to automate your lighting, thermostats, security, refrigerator, and more. It’s challenging enough to experience the mental, emotional and social addictiveness that can result from our attachment to smart devices. So it should be no surprise that this attachment and overexposure to smart devices creates negative effects on our physical wellbeing.

Living has become so “smart” that not only are we dependent on these devices, but we’ve become impatient when we don’t get immediate results. We get stressed when the Internet is down. We don’t dedicate the mental resources to remembering things since our devices will do that for us. We don’t learn or hone new skills because we don’t have to. Technology does it for us.

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Are you a smart device addict?

According to Psychology Today, 66 percent of Americans suffer from nomophobia: the fear of being without access to a working cell phone. Whether you accidentally dropped it in the toilet, left it behind at a restaurant, ran low on battery power, or even found yourself in an out-of-range area, stress levels start to rapidly rise. Panic sets in. You’re attached to your phone. So yes, you’re probably addicted.

5 Negative Impacts of Smartphones

Smart devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and even home appliances,  emit small amounts of electromagnetic frequency (EMF). The World Health Organization (WHO) has now classified this non-ionizing radiofrequency radiation as a Class 2B Carcinogen. The WHO’s fear is that as EMFs (from current 5G infrastructure installation) continue to proliferate, there will be an alarming increase in cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The 2B classification is the first warning step. What are some adverse effects of smart devices on our physical health that we know right now?

#1 Sleep Disruption

A study found that people exposed to low-frequency modulation signals from electronics such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers have a harder time falling asleep. Prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to memory issues, weakened immunity, mood changes, risk of heart disease and more.

#2 Difficulty Focusing

MRI technology showed that people exposed to Wi-Fi radiation had reduced brain activity and decreased concentration. Studies show it takes about 23 minutes to fully recover after even a single distraction. If you’re working, but checking your phone every 5 minutes, you can only imagine your fully-focused potential: you won’t be living it. Adding insult to injury, in a few years when 5G Wi-Fi routers are installed and implemented globally, we’ll be exposed to even higher frequencies than the current 2.4 GHz ones.

#3 Reduced Memory

Because we have an encyclopedia at our fingertips, our brains access information in a more superficial way. Since our brains don’t have to work so hard, there is less processing going on. This means we don’t retain information as well.

#4 Potential Heart Problems

Research shows an increased heart rate among subjects who were exposed to EMF radiation at the same level as that emitted by 2.4GHz Wi-Fi routers. This real physical response is similar to the heart rate of someone under stress. If you’re constantly exposed to smart devices at your home or workplace, your heart may be experiencing chronic low-grade stress.

#5 Decreased Physical Activity

Since most digital technologies are sedentary, they promote a more sedentary lifestyle and increased risk for obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.

While technologies are designed to connect people, solve problems, save time and make life easier, we need to be aware of the health risks that come with it. The smarter the devices, the more power required and the more EMF radiation that passes through our bodies.

How frequency technology devices can help

Radiation from 4G and 5G smart devices interrupts smooth and efficient intercellular communication, making it harder for our body’s electrical signals to be sent and received. One of the most important elements for communication in the body is water. Not only is water the messenger but it’s also the message: it carries and transfers information. We want this water to be in its super state–the coherent state.

Qi Blanco’s QiOne 2 Pro frequency technology device is developed with a gold alloy grid chip pendant that stimulates the body’s production of coherent water. Water molecules in this coherent state are structured so that not only is there a reduction in thermal noise, but highly efficient intercellular communication is increased and energy can be stored. This is because coherent water converts 13 percent of its electrons into a shell around the cell to protect from electromagnetic fields, viruses and other toxins.

Qi One 2 Pro

The more coherent water your body has, the more:

  • your cells are protected from EMFs, viruses, bacteria and other toxins
  • energy you have
  • soundly you can sleep
  • clearly you can think
  • enhanced your decision making becomes
  • reliable your intuition will be
  • deeply you can meditate and live mindfully
  • you can be your most optimized self

Smart devices aren’t intrinsically bad, but they’re here to stay.  At the end of the day it’s up to you to look out for your own best interests. QiOne 2 Pro is the best investment in this process.

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