Our Life Depends on (Structured) Water

When it comes to water, structure means the difference between optimal health and weakened health. The QiOne® 2 Pro's gold alloy grid chip stimulates the body to increase production of structured, coherent water. This results in increased vitality, deeper sleep, better focus and more.


Our life depends on (structured) water.

Water is not only the most abundant substance, it’s also the most mysterious. Because as much as it’s been studied, most people still know so little about it.  Are you aware of its properties and how it acts in the body? You probably know this basic fact though: without water there is no life.

And without coherent water, our body’s good health is not sustainable. Learn how the QiOne®2Pro stimulates our body’s water molecules to enter a coherent state.

While all water molecules contain hydrogen and oxygen, not all water is the same –in quality, structure or frequency. Bulk water is water that comes from the tap–with unorganized molecules, and random, unrecognizable structure (the same goes for stagnant water, most bottled water, etc.). Then there’s structured or crystalline water–also called coherent water, exclusion zone (EZ) water, super state of water–that’s found in natural, pristine streams, rivers and lakes. The molecules of these waters have a highly sophisticated, symmetrically-formed geometric structure. Again, the hydrogen and oxygen elements of both waters are the same, but the structure is vastly different.

Structure is everything.

If you believe structure doesn’t matter much, just think of graphite and diamonds. They both are made solely of carbon. What makes all the difference is the structure of those carbon atoms. Diamonds have a strong, rigid three-dimensional tetrahedral structure that results in an infinite network of atoms, making it extremely strong and hard. Carbon atoms in graphite are also arranged in an infinite array, but they are layered, and can be used as a lubricant due to its soft and slippery qualities. While both are made entirely of carbon, their looks and functions are worlds apart: and one can undoubtedly state that diamond is far more valuable than graphite.

Similarly, when it comes to water, structure is everything. The structure accounts for our body cells’ optimal functioning, or lack thereof. There is ample evidence revealing that abnormal water structure within the fluid of the cells is directly related to disease. Dr. Marcel Vogel, an IBM research scientist for 27 years, was a pioneer in recognizing the connection between the structure of water as a liquid crystal and its relationship to human consciousness and health. Two decades later, bio engineer Dr. Gerald Pollock from the University of Washington, who studies water structure, stated that healthy cells are full of structured water while diseased cells have less structured water (along with poorly functioning proteins, most likely caused by unstructured water).

Our bodies naturally make structured water but…

Just to be clear, the water within our bodies is very different from the water that comes out of the tap. Once water is inside the cells of the body it is structured into three parts hydrogen two parts oxygen instead of regular H2O. This gel-like coherent water has a negative charge, and like a battery, produces an electrical current within us. This is what enables our cells to store and deliver energy, and to move blood with no resistance through the tiniest of capillaries. 

Many scientists have come to discover that aging is actually a result of water molecules becoming less structured rather than simply growing older in years.

Here’s an interesting fact: when factors including (but not limited to) environment, poor diet, stress, negative thoughts, and EMF radiation, break down the structure of our “bio-water,” then our vital organs start to pull from the highest concentration of structured water in the body, which is the eye lens. This is probably why weakening eyesight is one of the earliest symptoms to manifest as we get older.

Pollutants, toxins, and stress make the body work harder to maintain structured water. 

Over time, overexposure to electromagnetic fields from Wi-Fi, computers and mobile phones, free radicals, toxic chemicals, polluted water, air conditioning, gas emissions and fumes, chemicals, pesticides, in addition to stress and more, make it harder for the body to maintain a coherent water state: the body is simply working overtime to structure its water molecules–trying to take the unstructured water molecules that are clumped together and align them to enable easier hydration and nourishment for cells.

QiOne® 2 Pro is designed to stimulate body’s water molecules to enter a coherent state.  

This is exactly what the QiOne® 2 Pro was designed to effectuate: the atomic structure of the QiOne’s gold alloy grid chip stimulates more of the body’s water molecules to enter a coherent state. This coherent state keeps the body operating at peak efficiency. In this coherent state, your quality of sleep improves, intuition is enhanced, thinking is sharper and more focused, your immune system is stronger, and you literally have more energy.

When your body doesn’t have to work as hard trying to (re)structure bulk and other highly unorganized water, more of your energy is available.

Not only that, but when water is in this gel-like, super state, 13 percent of the molecule’s electrons are freed up to form a protective shell around the cells. The protective shell, along with the tightly-organized, complex molecular structure make the cells practically impenetrable to EMFs and other toxins. Furthermore, when your cells are properly hydrated with structured water, your body is able to flush out toxic buildup very quickly.

We need to expand our understanding of water if we want to better understand life AND improve the quality of our lives. When we can make the connection between energy, coherent water and our wellbeing, we can step into a positive feedback loop in a proactive way. Let the QiOne® 2 Pro be your partner in this process. 




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