7 Smart Ways to Invest in Your Wellbeing

The most controllable and sustainable investment is in your wellbeing. It requires consciously devoting time and energy to self growth and improvement. So what does investing in your wellbeing look like?


When it comes to investments, we often think of real estate, stocks and bonds, commodities, gold, artwork, and other collectibles. When the value of these assets fluctuates, it’s usually due to factors beyond our control: market conditions, demand, politics, etc. We simply invest the money, sit back and hope for the best. 

Then there are the investments requiring our participation, like time and energy put into a job or a relationship that will expectantly yield positive results in the long run. But even with these, there are still elements over which we don’t have full control. We do our best, and hope our value is appreciated. 

Investing in yourself

The most controllable and sustainable investment by far is in your wellbeing. It requires consciously devoting time and energy to self growth and improvement. But when you truly evaluate the time you spend focused on your wellbeing, can you confidently say you do enough to ensure your health and wellness? 

The reality is, it’s difficult to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor without a sense of wellbeing. Wellbeing isn’t something that just happens: it’s something you continuously make happen. 

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7 smart ways to invest

  1. Learn new skills: invest in books, seminars, online courses; work with coaches or mentors; listen to podcasts; collaborate with colleagues. Knowledge will broaden your horizons and help you grow.

  2. Develop yourself personally: cultivate gratitude and have meaningful conversations with people/learn from others. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions with curiosity. Embrace change and be patient.

  3. Invest in your wellbeing with the new QiOne 2 Pro: The new frequency technology device worn by Olympic athletes and biohackers is designed to stimulate your body’s water molecules so you enter a coherent water state. In the coherent state, your body is more energized AND better protected against EMFs, viruses, bacteria and other harmful toxins. Your sleep is more restful. Your intuition is enhanced. A more optimized you is already in motion. You simply need to wear it.

  4. Tap into your creativity: change up your routine and schedule down time; spend time in nature; keep a journal; listen to music; move your body; venture out of your comfort zone; battle procrastination.

  5. Nourish your body and mind: eat healthy – aim for a more plant-based diet; hydrate regularly; avoid sugar-spiking foods; be physically active; calm your mind with peaceful activities; create bedtime rituals; get good quality sleep; meditate.

  6. Take digital breaks: go out for dinner without your cell phone; put your phone on airplane mode for an hour every day; read a physical book in lieu of a digital one; sleep with your phone in another room.

  7. Do things you love: make a list of things you’ve long wanted to do and act on it; let go of fear; stay connected to what makes you happy; don’t let money get in the way.

When it comes to investing in our wellbeing, we don’t have to depend on out-of-our-control variables. And that’s the beauty of it: unlike other investments, there isn’t a risk factor, because investing in yourself always yields something positive and worthwhile. There is an immediate return on the investment when you consciously devote time and energy to your own wellbeing. Not only is it an unselfish act, but the ripple effect is obvious. 

Others benefit when you put your wellness first: your family, your friends, your work colleagues and employer. Even if something goes awry, there is no investment loss when you have learned from it.

Investing in yourself sends out a powerful message:
Who I am now and the potential that I possess are important enough for me to devote time and effort to grow and create meaningful results.

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However, don’t wait until you get sick or stuck to invest in your wellbeing. Show a little self love: buy yourself a QiOne 2 Pro and start today! You are the person you will spend the most time with AND also the best example of seeing an immediate return on investment. 


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