How to Stay Focused and On Task

These simple habits will clear your mind and provide the energy needed to focus. You’ll be less likely to seek the dopamine hit of social media while increasingly experience a focused life of meaning.


If you are a typical modern-day high-tech user, your mental inbox is most likely filled with a cacophony of voices, emails, texts, tweets, Facebook notifications, Instagram checks, sales pitches and bold headlines. This incessant stream of information is fighting for your attention, and chances are your priorities and focus areas fall prey to these pop ups, notifications, and messages.  

Originally, smartphones and other portable devices were designed to make our lives easier, allowing us to work on-the-go and enhance productivity. But technology is a double-edged sword: our lives have become increasingly fragmented. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we repeatedly break our focus and let external and internal forces distract us from important tasks at hand. While some distractions can be a welcome relief, we often pay a price. Our brains simply don’t have unlimited capacity to process this constant barrage of information without consequences.

QiOne 2 Pro helps your mind focus by improving the flow of coherent water throughout your body.


Our Brain When We Get Distracted

Neuroscientists Adam Aron and Jan Wessel found that the brain system involved in interrupting or stopping movement in our bodies also interrupts cognition. When we make an abrupt stop in action to check an unexpected event like a text message or notification, the brain’s subthalamic nucleus (STN) clears out what we were thinking, or what we just heard from, say, our business colleague, or what the teacher was teaching right before we stopped our action.

Not only do we increase cognitive decline with each diversion or distraction, but we lose time. It takes effort to get back on track AND it can be demotivating. Research at University of California, Irvine revealed that a typical American worker is interrupted every 11 minutes–and usually takes up to 25 minutes to resume the interrupted task. That amounts to more than two and a half hours per day of otherwise productive time lost to interruptions. The more complicated the project, the longer it takes to pick up where you left off because the brain exerts considerable effort when switching between complex objectives.

If you do the math, that’s over 650 workweek hours per year spent on being sidetracked with…most likely, not much to show for it.

Research has repeatedly shown that our brains just aren’t equipped to toggle between work tasks and frivolous distractions like Instagram and Facebook. In fact, if you attempt to do two tasks at the same time, each task is getting equal processing power–that’s 50 percent devoted to each task. The result?  Your performance on each will suffer. So, think twice the next time you try to multi-task. Your brain will thank you for sparing it the unnecessary AND inefficient energy.

How Does QiOne 2 Pro Help?

Our bodies, which by molecular count are 99 percent water, operate most efficiently when our water molecules are in a coherent state. The QiOne 2 Pro’s gold alloy grid chip creates a static field that stimulates water molecules to function in a coherent domain.  Put another way, the hexagonal structure of the molecules enhances seamless cellular communication. Instead of the molecules moving in random and chaotic ways (from tap water, for example), signals reach the cells uninterrupted. Another coherent water feature is that 13 percent of the electrons in this super state surround the cell to protect against EMFs, viruses, bacteria and other toxins. Since our brain is mainly made of water (almost 75 percent), can you imagine the positive impact on brain functioning if most of these molecules are in a coherent state? Not only will the cells be better protected from smart device radiation, but the smooth transport of brain signals supports better focus, more energy, stronger intuition and deeper sleep–all of which help keep distractions at bay. 

While wearing a QiOne 2 Pro, follow these eight simple actions to help you stay focused during your workday. When you better control your distractions, they won’t control you.

8 Ways to Stay Focused

  1. First and foremost, every ‘healthy life routine’ includes a healthy diet, restful sleep, and regular exercise. Burning out quickly is what you’ll get without them.
  1. Turn off all email and social media notifications, as well as unnecessary apps when undertaking a project or task.
  1. Let business associates and friends know time frames when you can be reached so they know you’re not constantly available.
  1. Limit yourself to a single screen. Unless they’re necessary for the task at hand, multiple screens make you more susceptible to wandering off-topic.
  1. Designate a set time for specific projects. Allotting time slots for individual tasks makes them more substantial and less elusive.
  1. Consciously do one thing at a time: single tasking improves the quality of work done.
  1. Take periodic breaks: be out in nature; go for a walk; exercise if even for a few minutes; take a ten-minute nap; connect with someone.  All of these activities improve brain function, so pay attention to what you choose to do during break time.
  1. Have water and a healthy snack on hand so you’re not prone to internal distractions like thirst, hunger or fatigue.

These doable actions will give you a clearer mind and energy to do your work. You’ll be less likely to seek the dopamine hit as you increasingly experience a focused life of meaning.

The neuroplastic nature of our brains implies that everything we do changes and sculpts our brain. All moments matter, so be mindful of what you do.

Because they deliver your future self to you.

Invest in a QiOne 2 Pro to help skyrocket your energy and productivity–and live a meaningful life.

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