How Stress Plays an Important Role in Your Life

The most important lifestyle decision you can make is protecting your body, boosting your energy, improving your sleep and maintaining your wellness. Here's how stress, both good and bad, plays an important role in your life.


As we live through a global pandemic, stress seems to be more present in our lives than ever before. We have the stress of staying safe, of regular Covid testing, of work, losing a pre-pandemic lifestyle, stress of isolation, worrying about the future, and more. Not to mention the stress of when you start to feel under the weather with a stuffed and runny nose. It no longer takes as much to feel pushed over the edge, and for our energy to get completely zapped. 

Some stress is good 

The most important lifestyle decision you can make is protecting your body, boosting your energy, improving your sleep and maintaining your wellness. There is no magic bullet to being safe, sound and healthy. It requires conscious work on a regular basis, and it requires dealing with life stressors. We can’t run from or avoid stress, nor should we: not all stress is counterproductive. We have to know when to let go of it. We have to know when it’s not useful. 

The gym is a good analogy. You go to the local fitness club–lift weights, jog, stair climb, swim, ride the bike, etc.  You do it to stress the muscles and stress the body. This kind of stress is good for you. But when you leave the gym, you don’t keep your muscles flexed and tight. You relax them and feel good having just had the experience of productive stress. The stress itself was actually the contributing factor towards your strengthened body and good energy state.

How do I turn my stress into something useful?

Instead of bracing yourself against Covid, try and lean a bit into the stress you’re experiencing to better understand yourself. Maybe you need emotional support. Or social connections. Maybe you need to pay special attention to food and drink choices. Or exercise. Or commit to a mindfulness practice. Maybe you need to go easy on yourself for a stretch of time. Inquire within and you’ll get meaningful answers.  

During tumultuous times, a certain amount of anxiety and stress is understandable. It’s also an opportunity to get to know yourself better. To learn, grow, evolve, and optimize your life.  

QiOne 2 Pro is your partner in this journey. With increased energy, deeper sleep, enhanced intuition, and protection from EMFs and other toxins, you’ll be better supported to transmute your life stressors into productive life fuel.

How QiOne 2 Pro helps relieve stress

QiOne 2 Pro is your energy booster, your protector and your best companion in extraordinarily trying times such as now.  And there’s real science to it.

The atomic structure of the QiOne 2 Pro’s gold alloy grid chip is specifically designed for your body’s water molecules to enter a coherent state. In this super state, intercellular communication is enhanced because the molecules are not moving in a random and chaotic manner (as they do with tap water, dirty water, unhealthy cells, etc.).

Coherent molecules are hexagonally shaped. This symmetrical structuring allows for cell signals to travel–that is, to be sent and received–without interference. In a coherent state there is an efficiency and economy of effort in cell signal transport. This efficiency and economy of effort means that less energy is required to get more done. The result? More energy, literally. 

Not only more energy, but clearer thinking, enhanced intuition, and better sleep. Another feature of coherent water is that 13 percent of the water molecules in this super state are freed up to form protective shells around the cells. This protects against EMF radiation, viruses and other pathogens entering the cells.

While a percentage of our water molecules are already coherent, this coherence can get disturbed and disrupted by outside influences such as e-smog, viruses like COVID-19, bacteria and other toxins, as well as mental and emotional stressors. That’s why a QiOne 2 Pro purchase is the best investment you can make in your own wellbeing: as more of your body’s water molecules are in this super state, the more energy you have and the better protected you are.

The best investment you can make is in your wellbeing. Gift yourself with a QiOne 2 Pro. 

Invest in QiOne® 2 Pro and experience living your best life

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