How Flying Can Increase Your Risk of Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure

The connection between EMFs and adverse health effects during flight travel is very unsettling. Your exposure intensifies when you spend time in airports and on airplanes. Here's everything you need to know about EMF exposure during travel, and 6 things that can help you stay safe.


Today we’re increasingly exposed to wireless signals everywhere we go, particularly as 5G infrastructure gets implemented globally. EMF radiation emitted from electronic devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets) not only affects us as we connect on the ground via WiFi, Bluetooth and cell towers, but we also risk exposure during air travel. In fact, that exposure intensifies when we spend time in airports and on airplanes.

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EMF Radiation During Travel

First off, the airport is an EMF hotspot: with full-body scanners, charging stations, security cameras, and thousands of people crowded together using WiFi, cell phones and Bluetooth. Then there’s the aircraft itself, made up of hundreds of electronics that help it function. Add that to the hundreds of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other EMF-emitting devices that passengers bring with them on the plane, along with the fact that the plane’s metal cage traps this EMF radiation inside, where it bounces all around–due to the Faraday Cage Effect. Think of it like being inside a microwave oven, and you’ll get the picture. 

Some health experts say that for most people, taking long flights shouldn’t cause any health risks. But the truth is that there simply hasn’t been enough research done to verifiably make that claim. In fact, the combined strength and little-known interactions between multiple radiation sources at once has barely been researched. So yes, that’s cause for concern: what we don’t know can actually harm us. Actually, research shows that for individuals who are immunocompromised or predisposed to illnesses, exposure to even a small amount of EMF can cause health disturbances.  This is exactly why investing in a QiOne 2 Pro makes the most sense: you’ll mitigate the harmful effects of radiation and increase your peace of mind. 

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However, increased airport and airplane EMF exposure doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel. Most of us can’t live without traveling in this day and age. The benefits far outweigh the risks. But you should know the facts about EMF exposure when it comes to air travel and what you can do about it.

Why is EMF Radiation so Intense on Airplanes?

Cockpits are flooded with radio frequency noise from on-board emissions, communication links, and navigation electronics, including concentrated electromagnetic fields from audio headsets and helmet tracking technologies. The strong WiFi routers emit EMF radiation throughout the passenger cabin as well–enabling the many passengers to use their cellphones before takeoff and right after landing, as well as use Bluetooth during the flight with headphones. When you consider all the opportunities for electronic usage, it is safe to say that your concentrated EMF exposure should be a cause for concern.

In fact, research conducted by the U.S. military from 1993 to 2013 revealed that airplane mishaps, deaths and crashes were most likely caused by pilots’ EMF exposure and subsequent disorientation. While they can’t state this with absolute certainty, the connection between EMFs and adverse health effects is very unsettling.

6 Ways to Limit Your EMF Exposure

  1. Before your trip, request to skip the scanning process. The TSA is legally bound to let passengers circumvent this step. Ask for a manual body inspection instead.
  2. Don’t rush to board the plane. The longer you wait to board, the less time you spend in a hyperactive EMF environment.
  3. Be mindful of where you sit. A window seat lets some radiation leak out, but it’s also where the cosmic radiation enters the plane, so an aisle seat may be the best option. Sit as far from the cockpit as possible so you have distance from all the electronic instruments. Select a seat away from the twin engines as well.
  4. On the plane, disconnect from WiFi. Put your cell phone on airplane mode. Don’t use Bluetooth headphones or airpods. Take a digital break and read a book.
  5. Drink up…water, that is. A hydrated body helps toxins move out of the body more quickly.
  6. Wear your QiOne 2 Pro. The gold alloy grid chip is designed to stimulate more of your body’s water molecules to enter a coherent state.  When water is in this super state, 13 percent of the molecule’s electrons are freed up to form a protective shell around the cell. Not only are you protected against EMFs, but viruses, bacteria and other toxins as well. Read about the studies that prove it.

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