Fact: Humans are 99 Percent Water

This recently-discovered whopping 99 percent figure is helping researchers and scientists arrive at a new understanding: we should be including water in the equation when studying how the body functions.


Humans are 99 percent water by molecular count, so it stands to reason that water is one of the most important elements for communication in the body. In fact, water is more important than previously realized, and this recently-discovered whopping 99 percent figure is helping researchers and scientists arrive at a new understanding: it makes more sense to study body functions and disease when water is included in the equation.   

Water’s Role in our Bodies

Water is an information system: it’s the messenger and the message. Are you aware that not all phases of water are created equal? We want as many of our water molecules as possible to be in a coherent state. This state gives us better protection, enhanced immunity, increased energy, more efficient functioning, higher productive output–the list goes on.

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Our body cells communicate with each other through bioelectricity: electrical currents that are generated by charged elements (ions). These currents regulate our tissue and organ functions and govern metabolism. Basically, it’s how the nervous system sends signals throughout the body. When these signal pathways are clear and uninterrupted, our good health is not only maintained, but also enhanced.

What Does QiOne 2 Pro Do?

Qi Blanco’s revolutionary QiOne 2 Pro is the perfect accelerator when it comes to cell communication: the gold alloy grid chip is especially designed to stimulate more of the body’s water molecules to enter a coherent water state. 

In this super state, the strength of the hydrogen bonds helps electrical signals reach cells smoothly and continuously, providing protection from toxins as well as increased voltage (energy) to the cells.

The nature of coherent water is that when in contact with other water, through quantum physics, it communicates with that other water to make it coherent. Water wants to be coherent. 

The Link Between Coherent Water and Health and Wellbeing

Water responds to light–sunlight and moonlight, as well as to all kinds of electromagnetic waves. Without water there would be no life.

Relatively recent studies have shown that water is organized in coherent domains, which is different from the gas, liquid and solid states.

Scientists have named this fourth phase of water exclusion zone (EZ) water, structured water, super state of water, and/or coherent water. Like ice, there is organized molecule structure, yet the water remains warm and liquid. The crystalline structure of the water molecules in this state has properties unlike other water states. That is to say, unstructured, or incoherent, water molecules (e.g. tap water) move and collide in a random and chaotic manner, while water molecules in a coherent domain move smoothly, continuously and with greater efficiency. 

Because the cell signal pathways in coherent water molecules are highly organized and undisturbed, the cells are communicating and getting more done with less energy expended. Imagine the effect that has on your energy level, your productivity, your life force. 

How to Better Understand Coherency

One way to understand coherent domains is to think of schools of fish. They swim in unison, change direction in an instant but never colliding with each other. They stay close, but not too close, and keep swimming. What is the benefit? First and foremost: safety in numbers. 

  1. Swimming in schools protects fish from predators AND fish can better defend their territory in a large group than when alone. 
  2. Swimming close together reduces friction and allows fish to conserve energy while swimming.
  3. A school of fish can act in unison because each fish responds to the movement of other fish, as well as other stimuli such as pheromones. 

If one fish moves in a different direction, all the other fish sense it immediately and do the same. There is a coherency throughout the entire domain–where movement, power, productivity, and protection are at their most efficient levels.

Similarly, when our body’s water molecules are in a coherent state, there is safety (protection) in numbers; 13 percent of the water molecule electrons are freed up to form a shell around the cell. This protects the cell from electromagnetic radiation, bacteria, viruses and other toxins. Imagine 13 percent of the fish in the school surrounding the school for added protection against predators? This is what the QiOne 2 Pro is designed to do–create a static field that stimulates more of the body’s water molecules to enter a coherent state. 

The adage, the more the merrier, definitely applies here: if more of the body’s water molecules are highly structured, more of the cells are protected.

When the body’s signal pathways are not obstructed or inhibited, the cells can conserve energy as they move without impact, and signals in the body reach cells continuously and efficiently. This is similar to the reduced friction that allows fish to swim close together and conserve energy.

When water is in a coherent state, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The behavior of structured, coherent water differs from the other states of water: there is better communication, efficiency of energy, unison. 

Again, think of schools of fish. Many fish swim together but appear to act as a single organism. Each fish behaves differently as part of the whole “coherent domain” than alone. The health and wellbeing of the whole is the order of the day.

A sure-fire way to boost your energy WHILE limiting the harmful effects of cell phone radiation and other toxins is to invest in a QiOne 2 Pro. When your body’s water molecules are stimulated to enter a coherent state, your body systems will be functioning optimally. The effects? Deeper sleep, clearer thinking, more energy, and increased protection.  You at your full potential.

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