Fact: Human Existence Depends on Electrical Impulses

Bio-electricity is how our cells communicate with each other.  It's at the heart of how we grow, develop, live. And it also plays a big part in how our cells tell each other that our systems are healthy—or not.


Bio-electrical cell signaling

Humans are inherently electrical. Our bodies use electromagnetic frequencies to make our heart, hormones, brain, nervous system (and more) function. We have a dime-sized bundle of cells–the sinus node–located in the right upper chamber of the heart that produces electrical impulses (about 60 to 100 times per minute) and keeps the heart beating. If the pulse ceases, we die. Our brains also generate electricity (about 12-25 watts) when we’re awake, enough to power a small light bulb. And our brains are fast: information to and from the brain travels at speeds of up to 250 mph.


So yes, we are electromagnetic beings. In fact, every experience we have of ourselves depends on electrical impulses. We could even say that everyday life is electrical, from lightning in the sky to plugging our appliances and electronic devices into wall sockets. While traditional electricity is generated by the motion of free electrons, our body cells conduct electrical currents thanks to specific electrical charges of elements like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium as they move across cell membranes.

What is the connection between bioelectricity and QiOne® 2 Pro?


When cell-signaling pathways work well, your body runs smoothly: effective, efficient cell communication and properly functioning signal pathways are maintaining and promoting your good health.


Qi Blanco’s revolutionary QiOne 2® Pro is the perfect accelerator in the cell-signaling process: the gold alloy grid chip is especially designed to stimulate more of the body’s water molecules to enter a coherent water state. In this super state, the symmetrical structure of the molecules and the strength of the hydrogen bonds help electrical signals reach cells smoothly and continuously–without interference or ‘thermal noise.’ Communication, both intracellular and intercellular, is at its height. Read more to learn how it works.


What is the significance of cell signaling?


Cell signaling is the fundamental process of receiving, processing and transmitting signals both within the cell itself and with its environment. This signaling is important for critical cellular decisions: development, cell growth and division, differentiation and more. It’s how our nerve cells communicate with our muscle cells to generate movement. It’s how our immune cells avoid destroying certain cells of the body. It’s how cells must organize when a baby is developing in the womb. Simply put, humans and other multicellular organisms need cell signaling to coordinate a wide variety of functions. Our lives and livelihoods depend on it: any malfunction in these signals can potentially lead to cancer, autoimmune conditions and other diseases.


Think of it this way–when we are healthy, our nerves conduct electricity in very tightly organized and systematic ways so that information can be transmitted to all parts of our body. Being in a state of ill health or disease would be synonymous with uncontrolled electricity–electricity that is erratic, chaotic, poorly communicated or moving randomly. Epilepsy, for instance, could be considered an electrical storm in the brain, while research suggests that migraines are generated by ‘electrical disturbances.’ We have biotechnology tools such as EKG, MRI, and PEMF therapies that use electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) to both measure and treat the body. So yes, we are electromagnetic beings.


But our electromagnetic nature also means we can be adversely affected by EMF radiation exposure. It should come as no surprise that electromagnetic pollution (E-smog) from cellphones, wifi routers, laptops and other electronic devices has a disruptive effect on our body’s energy system. In fact, U.S. government studies revealed that cell phone radiation causes cancer in rats and DNA damage in mice. The World Health Organization classified EMF radiation as a possible carcinogen back in 2011. And there have been hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies since then, documenting adverse health effects on humans from EMF radiation exposure. 


With 4G–and now 5G– technology infrastructure exposing us to EMFs everywhere we go, we need to take protection into our own hands. Waiting for safety regulations to protect us is unrealistic. There simply hasn’t been enough research (and some say, motivation) into understanding whether EMFs are safe: it could take many years before conclusions are reached and agreed upon by experts.


How do I protect myself from EMFs now?


It’s virtually impossible to block EMFs in today’s world. Nor would you want to block them; it would leave your wireless devices inoperable.


Your best bet? Invest in a QiOne® 2 Pro, the bio-frequency technology device that protects your body from harmful aspects of EMF radiation. Not only does the QiOne® 2 Pro stimulate your body cells (which are 99 percent water molecules) to enter a coherent state–whereby cellular communication is uninterrupted–but in this super state, 13 percent of electrons are released to form a protective shell around the cell and serve as extra reinforcement against EMFs and other toxins.  The result? A body that works better and stronger because it hasn’t succumbed to damaging toxins. 


QiOne 2 Pro

Let’s briefly summarize how the QiOne® 2 Pro works. 

Firstly, when your body’s water molecules are in a coherent state, cellular communication is enhanced because your cell signals are reaching their destination without interruption. There is an economy of effort: the body requires less work to get more done. This results in clearer thinking, deeper sleep, more energy, and a sense of wellbeing. By contrast, cells in an incoherent water state (e.g. tap water) are moving in random and chaotic ways: extra energy is required for the signals to reach their destination. Over time this can lead to fatigue, stress, the absence of wellbeing…the list goes on. 


Secondly, when water molecules are in a coherent state, the atomic structure changes: 13 percent of the electrons are now freed up to surround the cell. This provides extra protection, making it harder for toxins to gain entry.   


Live your life and use your electronic devices with confidence, knowing that you are better protected with Qi Blanco’s QiOne® 2 Pro.


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