Dangers of Electro-smog and How to Stay Protected

What is electro-smog, how dangerous is electro-smog and EMFs, and how can QiOne 2 Pro provide protection?


Electro-smog is pollution from electromagnetic fields, and while you can’t see it or smell it, you can suffer from its negative effects. Some exposure is natural—from the sun, lightning, or the earth’s magnetic field—but most of electro-smog comes from man-made technology. Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are produced wherever electricity is used, such as electronic devices, power lines, electrical appliances, Wi-Fi routers and more. If you could see these energy waves, you would notice a fog cast over almost everything with dense patches hovering above cell phone users, routers, and base stations. 

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Does electro-smog cause damage?

So is this really cause for concern? Afterall, we have enough to worry about: pandemics, climate change, personal privacy protection, financial stability, the list goes on. But, like real smog, electro-smog can have adverse effects on our health—from cell membrane damage to calcium depletion to DNA damage

While the 5G roll-out across the world is still in the early stages, and thus untested, studies have already shown that long-term exposure to EMFs can lead to serious diseases, not to mention sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, and infertility. The World Health Organization regards EMFs as a Class 2B Carcinogen

If the goal is to live and work in a healthy and safe environment, then we need to take preventative measures against our ever-increasing exposure to electro-smog.

Unfortunately, many sources of EMFs are unregulated. It’s not a question as to whether electro-smog represents a risk to your health and well-being (we know it does), but of discovering the ways to proactively identify and reduce EMF in your home and workspaces.

How to reduce EMF exposure

Devices that use Wi-Fi are potential sources of EMF radiation: smartphones and devices, smart TVs, printers, laptop computers, tablet computers, smart speakers, and surveillance systems.

Here are a few ways you can reduce your exposure to EMFs, according to Physicians for Safe Technology:

  • Limit the use of electric devices to a few hours each day

  • Enable Wi-Fi only when needed.

  • Keep calls short when using cell phones and cordless phones

  • Use speakerphone or a headset so radiation is not aimed directly at your head

  • Activate airplane mode when not using your cell phone

  • If possible, use hardware Ethernet cable (LAN) instead of Wi-Fi routers

  • Turn off cell phones and disconnect Wi-Fi routers before going to bed 

  • Do not sleep in a room where there is a Wi-Fi router as exposure is disruptive to sleep

  • Keep your phone out of your pocket as EMF emitting devices should not have direct contact with your body

  • Stay at least an arm’s length from your devices when possible: distance is inversely proportional to the radiation intensity


6 ways to boost your body’s natural EMF protection 

EMFs can disrupt our bodies on a cellular level. No system or organ is safe from potential harm. An adversely affected immune system leaves the body more vulnerable to illness. 

Here are 6 ways to stay protected against EMFs.

  1. Maintain a regularly well-balanced diet. This is the key to optimum healthy living.

  2. Take supplements (zinc, folic acid, iron, vitamins A, C, D & E, omega-3 fatty acids) to boost immunity.

  3. Provide your gut with nutrition such as probiotics, high-fiber and fermented foods. The gut is where most of your immune system lives.

  4. Drink plenty of water. Proper hydration is essential for cleansing the body and removing waste products and harmful toxins.

  5. Stay active with exercise, walking, yoga, stair climbing, etc. to maintain good blood circulation and cardio fitness.

  6. Meditate to manage stress, build self-awareness and gain new perspectives.

Protection with QiOne® 2 Pro

The new QiOne® 2 Pro is the perfect balance of internal strengthening and external protection, and all you need to do is wear the frequency technology device. 


The atomic structure of the gold alloy grid chip on the QiOne® 2 Pro is designed to stimulate more of your body’s water molecules to enter a coherent state. In the coherent state, your body is more energized AND better protected against EMFs, viruses, bacteria and other harmful toxins.  

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