Building Internal Reserves of Coherent Water Gives You Energy for Life.

Water–which covers 70 percent of Earth and accounts for 99 percent of our body molecules–is the driving force of life. In order to be beneficial to our bodies the water needs to be structured or 'coherent.' So how can you increase your inner reserves of this super state of water?


Building internal reserves of coherent water gives you energy for life.

And that’s exactly what the QiOne® 2 Pro is designed to do: increase your body’s percentage of coherent water so you can unlock your full potential on all levels. Click here to learn more.

Similar to plants, we humans are solar-powered. 

Food and drink aren’t our only sources of energy. Studies show that we’re more like plants than we’ve been taught in school. Green plants receive sunlight and, through photosynthesis, split water molecules into hydrogen ions, electrons, and oxygen atoms to convert into chemical energy, which then fuels the plant’s metabolism. Some of the chemical energy is stored in the plant roots in the form of chemical sugar bonds, which, when broken down (by micro-organisms naturally found around plant roots), causes electrons to be released in the process. Basically, the plant is behaving like a battery–the flow of ions produces electricity.

In a similar way, we humans are solar-powered. Professor Gerald Pollack shows in his ground-breaking research that we too split water into positive and negative ions using light to make energy. While we know that water makes up 99 percent of all molecules in our bodies (and about 60–70 percent of our adult body weight), it’s not just any water that enables our body systems to function. Nor is it the liquid state of bulk water that fuels our bodies. When water meets certain hydrophilic (water-loving) materials, it splits into positive and negative charges–and builds a matrix from molecules composed of three hydrogen and two oxygen atoms, or H3O2. Not H2O. This negatively charged structure is what makes up the majority of water within our bodies and other living systems, and it’s a gel-like state known by many names–structured water, coherent water, Exclusion Zone (EZ) water, super state of water, or interfacial water.  

In this gel-like super state, the water molecules are more complexly structured than bulk water (potable water intended for human consumption and other consumer uses). These molecules share information and interact more efficiently than that of bulk water, due to its highly organized matrix. If you compare under a microscope, you’ll actually see bulk (unstructured) water molecules moving in a random and chaotic manner while the movement of coherent water molecules is organized and systematic due to its symmetrically structured lattice.

The more coherent water we have, the more our bodies are energized.

The researchers showed that as this structured/coherent water grows, there is an increased separation of charge which also creates electrical energy. We are literally energized. In this way, water is acting like a battery. Since our cells are 99 percent water molecules, we can say our cells are behaving like a battery. Like with plants, one of the main drivers of this phenomena is sunlight. That could explain why it often feels so good spending time outdoors on a sunny day: our bodies are energized by the increased structured water, fed by sunlight.

What adversely affects internal reserves of coherent water?

While our bodies (in a healthy state) naturally produce coherent water, there are things we do that hinder the production of, and actually damage our reserves of this precious structured water.  These include:

  • Spending too much time indoors
  • Getting dehydrated and/or not drinking enough water
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Accumulation of too much stress
  • Excess caffeine and/or alcohol
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Too much exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from electronic devices
  • Exposure to pesticides and other chemical toxins
  • Diet lacking in nutrition

When our body is expending excess energy defending against poor nutrition, dehydration, indoor living, toxins, etc. we’re using up our reserves of what we need for proper cell function.

What can we do to build up internal reserves of coherent water?

The good news is that aside from seeking the sun (very important), there are other things you can do to build up your internal reserves of structured/coherent water:

  • Invest in a QiOne® 2 Pro. The gold alloy atomic structured is specifically designed to stimulate production of coherent water.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking fresh, clean water.
  • Drink a green juice so you get the structured water from the plant cells.
  • Increase your intake of turmeric, coconut water, coconut oil and ghee. Research has shown a connection to increased coherent water.
  • Take probiotics daily.
  • Have regular infrared saunas. Infrared light builds structured water.
  • Walk barefoot outside–on the beach or the earth which is negatively charged. The negative charge builds reserves of coherent water.
  • Do things that bring you good cheer. Empty your mind of negative or harmful thoughts that add stress to your life.
  • Engage in a mindfulness practice, like meditation.

Health rests on cell function, so it doesn’t take a leap of faith to comprehend that your body’s structured water molecules are the foundation, the message and the messenger crucial for optimal health.

The QiOne® 2 Pro is your companion in the process. To experience the many benefits, all you have to do is wear it. You most likely won’t want to take it off.

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