5G Impact on Airports and You

Humans are built of highly sophisticated electrical communications systems. If 5G frequencies can affect something so powerful as airline communications systems, it isn’t a stretch to think of what potential adverse effects it can (and will) have on our bodies.


Wireless carriers AT&T and Verizon recently announced they would limit their expansion of the 5G network near airports, just days before they were scheduled to hit the “on” switch for the rollout. This last-minute change of plans happened on the heels of several airlines warning that the new technology could cause major disruptions to flights. 

Airlines for America (A4A), the trade organization for the major U.S. airlines industry, appealed to the FAA, explaining that the frequency used for wireless service is similar to that used by an essential airport technology which determines the distance between planes and the ground in order to land. That is, the frequency used for 5G could well interfere with airplanes’ radio altimeters. Translation: if an altimeter’s optimal functioning is compromised, within a matter of seconds the results could be disastrous. The use of highly sophisticated instrument landing systems is not to be messed with, because timing and accuracy are everything when it comes to airline safety.

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How this Impacts You

Humans are also built of highly sophisticated electrical communications systems. If 5G frequencies can affect something so powerful as airline communications systems, it isn’t a stretch to think of what potential adverse effects it can (and will) have on our bodies. 

Telecommunications companies spend jaw-dropping amounts of money on lobbying and have enormous access to, and influence on, politicians and decision makers in government. For the 5G rollout’s “on”switch to be put on hold near airports, the findings and concerns regarding safety and/or proper functioning must have been more than significant. Hundreds of millions of Internet Service Providers (ISP) investment dollars now lay in wait, so we know this was not an easy or voluntary decision.  How this plays out remains to be seen.  

For now, we have yet another sign that relying on big businesses, or even the government, to protect us from potential harm is not the best way to move forward.  When it comes to 5G and the massive infrastructure required to effectuate it, we have to take matters into our own hands and protect ourselves. This protection is the very impetus and inspiration behind the QiOne® 2 Pro.

How QiOne2 Pro Helps 

The new QiOne® 2 Pro is the perfect balance of internal strengthening and external protection. The atomic structure of the QiOne® 2 Pro’s gold alloy grid chip is specifically designed to stimulate more of your body’s water molecules to enter a coherent state. In this super state, your body is more energized and better protected against EMFs, viruses, bacteria and other harmful toxins.

Research shows that the structure of (coherent) water from healthy cells looks very different than that of diseased cells. When incoherent water (e.g. tap water, as well as our body’s water impacted by stress, aging, EMFs and other toxins) is restructured, cell communication is enhanced 

How is cell communication enhanced?

Our bodies are 99% water by molecular structure. We are water beings, mostly made of structured water: it’s our water molecules that are responsible for the transmission, receiving, sending and storing of information in our bodies–via electrical currents.  These currents make it possible for us to move, think, feel, breathe–as the nervous system sends signals throughout the body and to the brain. The more highly organized and complex the structure, the more efficiently cell movement and interaction can occur.

If we are chronically exposing our body systems to EMF radiation from cell phones, iPads, laptops, headphones, wireless Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, Bluetooth devices, power lines, microwave ovens, etc., our body’s structured water loses integrity over time. Under the microscope this looks like misshapen, scattered, form-lacking molecules. De-structured.

Why does it matter if our water molecules lose structure? 

It matters because the specific organization of our water structure directly relates to how energy and information is stored and conducted within our bodies. When the structure of these molecules is compromised, accurate and timely cell signaling degrades into misfiring, or suboptimal firing, of cell signals. If you have organized structuring, cell signaling is smooth and mellifluous as energy is expended efficiently and with an economy of effort.

Imagine what an airport could look like over time if its communication systems become erratic, faulty, random, or unreliable as they compete for frequencies shared with the nearby 5G network. Unless you were assured beyond the shadow of a doubt of your safety, you’d use another airport or cancel your plans. Likewise, when it comes to your body’s communications systems, integrity of infrastructure (your water molecules) is of utmost importance so your body systems can communicate and function optimally.

Invest in a QiOne® 2 Pro to get the protection you need as you continue to use your electronic devices that depend on 5G. And read about the studies that prove it.

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