10 Health Benefits of Meditation

People who practice meditation daily get many health benefits, especially when they wear their QiOne 2 Pro. Learn the health benefits of meditation and its relationship to the quantum field.


If you’re not fully satisfied with how your life is going, or if you want to improve aspects of your life, you most likely need to pay attention to different things. Your habitual thoughts and the emotions they produce (desire, fear, resentment) are a product of conditioning: you get more of what you focus on. One practice known to effect desirable outcomes is meditation.

What is meditation?

As a practice, meditation is less about faith and religion and more about shifting consciousness, expanding awareness and achieving peace. There is no one way to meditate, and it’s something anyone with intention can incorporate into their daily life to experience immediate benefits. You simply need to find a meditation that meets your needs – and do it on a regular basis. Not only do you experience benefits, but having any sort of daily practice in and of itself builds self-discipline. You’re investing in your future self by paying close attention to your present self.

A perfect way to enrich your present self is to invest in (and meditate with) QiOne 2 Pro.

Why meditate with a QiOne 2 Pro?

QiOne 2 Pro is designed to enable you to go deeper in your meditation: the gold alloy grid chip stimulates more of the body’s water molecules to enter a coherent state. In this coherent state, the water molecules act as a bridge to the quantum field. QiOne 2 Pro increases the electronic voltage until there is enough energy for the coherent water molecules to oscillate between particle and wave states, enabling quantum tunneling—a phenomenon that refers to the quantum mechanical process where a particle like a hydrogen atom meets a wall and moves through this barrier due to its wavelike function. 

As the proportion of your body’s coherent water molecules increases, more of your body’s water is connected to the quantum field.


The quantum field and its relationship to meditating

Quantum physics says that the most fundamental components of our physical world are both waves (energy) and particles (matter), depending on the mind of the observer. Quantum physicists have discovered that the person observing the tiny particles that make up atoms actually affect the behavior of that energy and matter. This implies that your subjective mind has an effect on your objective world: your thoughts have consequences so great that they create your reality.

Quantum physicists go a step further and state how meditation can change the structure of the mind and how meditators may be capable of actually re-wiring the synapses in their own brains.

At the quantum level, it’s all fields of energy or frequency patterns of information. Everything is energy; everything has potential. This implies there is an infinite number of possibilities. When you ‘observe’ these potentials you can manifest them.

Put another way, if we behave more like waves (energy) instead of particles (matter), we can manifest desired changes in our future from the sea of potential possibilities. This can happen when you enter the quantum field.

What brain activity can be observed during meditation?

Science-based evidence reveals that meditation with focused, concentrated attention creates gamma waves, which are responsible for cognitive functioning, learning, memory, and information processing. Studies also show meditation with nonjudgmental observation of thoughts, breath, moods, etc. creates theta waves, indicating inner wakefulness and relaxed attention to details.

While research shows that stress shrinks the hippocampus (associated with memory and learning) as well as the prefrontal cortex (associated with higher order brain function, like increased awareness, concentration, and decision making), MRI and EEG imaging of meditators shows thickening of the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus. This means grey matter is growing, and the amygdala (the brain’s fear center) is calming down: the meditator’s whole brain is communicating better.

10 Health Benefits of Meditating

Whether benefits are scientifically proven or simply anecdotal, people who practice meditation on a daily basis are convinced of the many benefits.   


Instead of tuning into your phone first thing in the morning or last thing at night, see what happens when you try to quiet your mind, paying attention to the nature of your thoughts without reacting to them. If you are wearing your QiOne 2 Pro, your bodymind will be all the more deeply engaged in meditation, and energized to live a life of realized potential. 

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